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I have just sent a text to Jamie Oliver, I am concerned that he continues to use virgin olive oil to cook with, and I love his recipes, wonder what he replies. I have sent him a link, that I have previously posted, about oils, the good and the bad to fry with.

So many people watch his program, so he has to be informed, he is probably unaware of the differences.

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Maybe Jamie has read this:


And he shows awareness because he did write this:


Hi Helvella, yes I have read it, so he does understand, and yes you can fry very lightly with olive oil, but not really extra virgin, but how do you know what is lightly fry!! I mean you fry at the same heat point, or you don't fry at all, I still think that it's safest to use virgin coconut oil, then you know, that you're doing the right thing, without worrying, is this a light fry, or is it not, and I like my foods crispy. A fry is a fry!!

I understand where you are coming from but Jamie has a lot of Italian cooking knowledge where they use copious amounts of olive oil when cooking, I scratch my head on this one. I am aware of the advice to only use it for drizzling due to changes in compounds when heated but it is puzzling especially as the Italian diet is feted around the world.

langdocienne in reply to Joyia

HI Joyia, I am only following, the research and proof of many scientists, yes you can cook with it, but only at a very low temperature, how on earth do you measure that?

Let's hope Jamie answers, it would be good to learn what his views are.


There was a program on TV recently - their conclusion: olive oil is the best and it improves the cardio-related function. I don't like the smell of olive so I don't use it anyway. Personally, I doubt someone like J Oliver really cares about "health" the way lots of people on this forum would. To some extent, yes, he does but it's because health sells and is seen as trendy, nothing more.

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