Jamie Oliver comes up trumps

He has gone Gluten Free!!!! OK maybe he hasn't himself, but see below for loads of his GF recipes. I haven't tried them yet but as soon as I get some energy back......


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  • Yummy. Thanks for that. I was looking at the raspberry and strawberry crumble. I have some buckwheat and ground almonds. Just need the raspberries and strawberries when I go in to town later.

  • Sounds wonderful - hope it tastes great.

  • Great, will have a look as i am gluten free and always looking for recipes that are at least edible

  • Yep I am always looking for tasty and safe food!!!

  • I'm afraid that I have an allergy to anybody who addresses me as "you guys". lol

  • Yep I know what you mean!!

  • I'm allergic to "for free" - ghastly!

  • I have been cooking gluten and dairy-free for some years now, for my husband. (I adore cream and butter.) Thankfully I have been able to modify this to spelt and lactose-free products.

    Generally speaking most recipes can use gluten-free flour and margarine instead of butter. Gluten-free flour is a bit gritty and shortcrust pastry is tricky as it breaks; one has to add xanthan gum for elasticity (8oz S R flour (gluten-free/ spelt + baking powder), 4oz block margarine, 1 egg yolk, cold water) - ditto bread. Just play around with recipes, is my advice. Make a note of what you have done and how it turned out.

    Now that I can use lacto-free products and spelt flour I can make just about anything for my husband - we had chocolate fondants and raspberries with home-made lemon ice-cream the other week. I make his chocolates with dairy-free chocolate - white chocolate and fresh strawberry truffles and praline meringues covered in dark chocolate. (There are lots of variations.) Lacto-free cheese allows for pizzas and quiches. We don't stint. I don't like using soya as it is very strong-flavoured, but like oat cream.

    Spelt flour is a god-send but no good for someone who really cannot tolerate gluten. Morrisons make a really nice spelt and rye flour bread. Recipes for cakes which just use ground almonds or ground rice are plentiful and easy - see grissetorte.

    I had no experience of allergies before I met my husband so have just learnt to do things a new way and can make anything he wants. Where there's a will.

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