Like many my wife is struggling to locate a doctor who understands the condition and fed up of being fobbed off by blood test and finds herself either over or under medicated, does anyone know of a doctor in the Portsmouth area who actually knows and understands hypothyroidism? Many thanks..

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  • Hi. I live in Portsmouth and as yet haven't found a GP that understands. However I am seeing a rheumatologist at QA that seems to know quite a bit. I was referred to him because of the aches and pains I have been getting since starting levo in August. He has done so much for me, so if your wife is struggling with other symptoms it may be worth a visit. I am not sure if we are allowed to name him on here.

  • You can click on grantwoodmans name it will take you to his page and you can then send him a private message.

    You are correct -we cannot publish names without the express permission.

  • If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org she may have someone on her list in your area.

    p.s. I've amended your post slightly and clicked community instead of the everyone (automatically clicked) to keep your question within the forum. If you wish to keep it on everyone (it is then published on the www) it can be changed back. :)

  • Thanks for putting that info Shaws I'd always thought everyone meant all forums on HU. So is a post on TUK the only community or do you mean the whole HU Community.

    Sorry to be so dense, but I keep forgetting when I finish making a post! :-(

    Worse still it could be my posts getting some trolls on here :-(((

  • Anything posted for display for "Everyone" ends up eventually showing up on Google and also appears here :


    and also on NHS pages for several other thyroid-related problems.

    People on HU only see posts for communities they are members of, if the post is set to "Community".

  • Thanks human bean. S x

  • No it's within the Thyroiduk community.

    Any question asked will go directly onto the www.

  • Do be aware that using someone on the "list" is no guarantee of anything. Some have changed their spots in recent years due to pressure from the establishment.

  • Probably more so after the Conference where 80% of the Endos agreed with Dr W and not with Prof Dayan.

    How can they possibly turn deaf ears to sick people who are clearly not getting better with the thyroid hormones provided but can prescribe other medication for the symptoms and not even giving a trial of T3 (even added to T4 at the very least) for a few months.

    I just don't understand.

    Where has sympathy, concern and kindness gone? Where is the 'Do No Harm' when a patient is clearly not recovering health as expected but the reliance on the blood tests alone which informs them we are 'normal' 'fine' 'o.k. but prescribe an anti-d instead for our dissatisfaction.

  • Well I wish your Dr W would come and lecture in France then I'd buy my doc a multicolored spotted coat and perhaps I'd stop feeling like I'm losing my marbles slowly BUT SURELY,

    My j stun t keeps telling me you guys must be and/or right about the Vit B 12 medication, but my doc didn't even want to do the test originally, so I'll keep fingers crossed for next time.

    Are the sublinguals, which I had Wanted buy last Sat, as effective or stronger than prescribed B12 meds/doses?

  • It depends, I suppose, on what the doctor ordered. One member with prescribed was given 50mcg cyanocobalamin. Not 1,000 or 5,000 B12 methylcobalamin. Sublingual are absorbed through tongue and not stomach. Most of us have a poor gut anyway so sublingual is best.

  • Thanks Shaws I'll write that down and put in my purse. :-)

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