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Since starting block and replace treatment I have put weight on, does anyone have any tips or advice to help combat this?

Hello Everyone :)

Since being diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism / Graves' Disease back in September and starting block and replace treatment, I have put weight on and I feel awful.

Before being diagnosed I had lost over 2 stone and I thought it was great, little did I know what was causing the rapid weight loss. Since starting my medication (Propranolol - 40mg, Carbimazole - 40mg, Levothyroxine - 75mg) I was advised not to do any strenuous exercise and was told that the long walks I do with the dog each day would be sufficient enough until my levels had balanced out.

I am hoping that when I go to see my Endo next week he will take me off the Propranolol completely and I hope my levels will look good too. I can't wait to get back in to a good gym routine, I have been trying to watch what I eat as well but nothing seems to work.

Has anyone else been through this? And do you have any advice? :)

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Do you have any recent blood test results?

How do you feel in yourself, apart from the weight gain?

Your dose of Levo seems quite low. Most members that have mentioned being on block and replace (including me) have written of doses of 100mcg to 125mcg.

You do need to take things easy to start with especially as muscle weakness is a symptom of Hyper/Graves.


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