I'm 28 and have an under-active thyroid and want to start a family in the near future. Can anyone help or give any advice?

I'm on 50mg of Levo and have been since Feb 2013. I have had about three blood tests since being diagnosed and have been told my medication is fine and my levels are much better. I was around 30 and now I'm 3 which I'm told is in the normal range. Does this sound right? I am healthy other than this and have a healthy weight. Should this give me any problems?

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  • Get a copy of your blood tests from the surgery complete with the ranges and post them for members to comment.

    I assume when you say you are healthy, you have no clinical symptoms of hypothyroidism.


  • Although a TSH of 3 probably is within range. Some people find that they need a TSH of around 1 or 2 to conceive and have a successful pregnancy.

    Have you got your latest thyroid bloods including the ranges?

    Are you suffering from any remaining symptoms?

    This information will help people to better offer informed support.



  • Have you been tested for antibodies? If you have Hashimotos which causes most people to become hypo then it's worth really researching hashi and pregnancy. If I had known what I know now at 30 I might have been able to have a successful pregnancy. No GP is clued up on this stuff and you will need to look up immunology etc. Have you been trying? If not, you have lots of time and just see how you go for a year before doing any investigating, you may well get pregnant really easily! It is essential that your tsh is monitored as babies born to hypothyroid mothers who are not treated properly often have developmental problems, physically and mentally. Please don't worry, it sounds scary but its all easily rectified and most women of your age when properly treated have happy, healthy pregnancies. Good luck!

  • I would recommend a hair mineral test to check mineral levels. If deficient try an Ionic water soluble mixture. I like Concentrace brand. Pregnancy really depletes the body so it's good to have healthy levels beforehand. Morning sickness for example is a sign of magnesium deficiency.

    Midwifes don't inform of this unfortunately.

  • TSH of 3 is still too high for pregnancy.

  • I have been under since I was 28 and had my first child at 32. My docs told me not too leave it too late to conceive due to my thyroid took us 8 mths get there. All I would say is when your ready to try, see your doc get a full check up with bloods, they usually increase your Levo by 25mg. I had bloods done every mth to monitor my levels but don't get too stressed and take pre pregnancy tablets and generally look after yourself : ) but remember everyone's different May take a while or may happen on your first go.both me and baby are fine. You will also be allocated a endocrinologist when preggers as well who monitor you and baby. Hope it helps a little

  • Hi Everyone

    Thanks for all the replies. No I don't have my blood tests to hand but I will get them when I next go and see my GP. I was diagnosed because I was feeling tired all the time, my hair was going thinner and I had dry patches to my skin. Now I'm on medication I'm less tired and my skin has gone better but my hair is still he same really. We haven't started trying yet as we get married September 2014 so we are going to start trying as soon as we get married. I would say i'm healthy other than this, i'm 5ft 5 and weight 9st 7 and don't have any other health problems. I've stopped taking the pill so that's out my system and am having regular periods. Is it quite likely that I will have problems getting pregnant? xx

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