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Stopping medication?

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Hi everyone,

I was diagnosed over active January this year and have been taking carbimazole and propranolol (40mg), I was told the propranolol was just temp whilst they brought my levels down.

I went to my usual 6 weeks appointment and my consultant was off so I had someone different. She told me my levels have gradually come down so I can stop taking the propranolol. Since I’ve stopped taking them (10days ago) I have had terrible chest pains, anxiety and just generally don’t feel right! Has anyone else had this experience? Should I have been weened of these tablets rather then just stopping them? I’m trying to ride it out but the symptoms don’t seem to be subsiding 😩


Jan xx

10 Replies
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Yes you should have gradually reduced dose rather than stopping immediately. Call your GP for advice on what to do.

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Stopping propranolol abruptly, or reducing the dose too much at once is definitely advised against, and may cause withdrawal symptoms that can be troublesome and even dangerous. Symptoms can include sweating, shaking, irregular heartbeat, or chest pain, which may be angina or a heart attack.

It should be tapered slowly over a period of time, and there has been some research that found an extended period on a low dose once achieved by tapering, can be more effective.

If it were me, experiencing the "terrible chest pains", I would restart the tablets with a view to safely and properly coming off them, and perhaps call 111 now and ask for advice.

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Thanks for the advice guys, I’m going to ring my GP first thing xx

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MaisieGray in reply to 4185jan

You're welcome, but given the severity and nature of your symptoms I wouldn't wait until tomorrow, and at least speak to 111 this evening. (I say that as someone who is generally relaxed about meds, and experienced in taking propranalol for several years in different forms and doses).

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to MaisieGray

I agree.

That is what the NHS emergency/urgent phone services are for.

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Hay2016 in reply to 4185jan

I concur with all those saying either 111 or out of hours gp. Not worth the risk!

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Thanks everyone for the advise, I’ve phoned the out of hours doctor just waiting on a call back xx

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MaisieGray in reply to 4185jan

4185jan Just wondering, how did you get on with your call to the out of hours service?

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4185jan in reply to MaisieGray

Hi, they told me to start taking them again, spoke to my gp as well who told me I should have been put on a lower dose rather then stopping all together! I just have to take my normal dose again for 2 weeks and then he is going to reduce the dose. Thanks for the advise :-) x

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