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Help with Blood Test Results

Hello, I have been extremely ill for some years as such, long story, but to give a brief I was diagnosed with PCOS 15 years ago (never received treatment). Then 5 years ago suffered a massive breakdown and was diagnosed with severe depression. Was put on various anti-depressants and mood stabilisers. I just couldn't seem to stabilise my moods over this period and not only mentally BUT physically started to feel very unwell. Unfortunately nobody would listen, just sadly "characterised" as some do, to be a hopeless case. Month by month, year by year I was gaining weight quickly and my moods were fluctuating. Sadly 18 months ago I couldn't cope and went into hospital voluntary for a week ( awful experience, sadly people are still treated as if we were back in the 17th/18th century asylums!!!)

Anyway whilst in the hospital I was diagnosed with bi-polar and prescribed specialised meds to treat my illness......WRONG!!!! Neither were my medical records checked and I wasn't asked any questions regarding my fertility etc.

I have just found out with research etc etc etc, Depakote and Quetiapine is like arsenic as such to anyone suffering from PCOS. My hormones have completely gone out the window. Symptoms of weight, fatigue,appetite, gastric problems,blood pressure, depression,insomnia................the list goes on!!!!! So......this week I'm on everyone's case and hopefully on the right track in getting it ALL sorted by a GP who has taken interest and listened and who hasn't just looked at the screen and seen "mental health case" and shunned me away at last!!!!!! I am now being referred to see a Endocrinologist Consultant to try and repair as such what damage has been done/inflicted over the past 5 years.

Just received some tests back and was wondering whether anyone could advise me on my bloods, really appreciate any feedback and thankyou for listening 😊

Serum HDL cholesterol 1.0 mol/L (1.20. - 1.70mmol/L)

FBC - Haemoglobin estimation. 143g/L. (110.00-150.00g/L)

RBC - Red Blood Count. 4.96 10*12/L. (3.80 - 4.40 10*12/L)

Haematocrit. 0.436 ratio. (0.36 - 0.46 ratio)

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Sorry to read your post - hopefully you will soon be able to have the tests that were suggested in your earlier post. Maybe the above link proves helpful in illustrating the importance of B12. Docs have very little knowledge on the subject.

I do think also that your various medications could have skewed your thyroid results in some way. Maybe have a search for that - check each medication for its effects on the thyroid. I have read somewhere there is a connection.

Sorry not able to help with the blood tests :-(

Stick with the good people here and you will begin to find an improvement in your health.....

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