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had my bloods done for the first re-test and the nurse wasn't the one i hoped for who had said she would send away for all the tests i wanted (that had been advised on here to have ) so im going to have to wait until next time. My GP wasn't able to print the results so i have to go back and ask for them but she did doubled my amount from 50 to 100 she said i was still in the lower 1/4 of normal . Was quiet weary of doubling in case it didn't agree with me but it has been a week now but have had a cold so cant tell if i feel any better as yet but no bad effects so that must be a good sign . So hope to not be so tired very soon and loose some of this gained weight . will put my new results up when they are able to print them for me Thank you Linda x

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Glad your GP doubled your dose, hopefully you will soon feel better. My GP still thinks that in range even if just (3.89 range up to 4.3) is normal! So I will have to go back and beg for more hormone.


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