thyroid scan up-date

well i finally had the thyroid scan to-day the one my gp told me not to have. the dr who did the scan said its not healthy at all (which id already guessed any-way) i have multiple hypoechoic nodules connective tissue fragments and thyroid gland fibrosis. the dr also said i really should be under the care of a hospital specialist. still iam glad i had it done at least i know where i stand now. so if any-one has any concerns please insist on a scan.

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  • Joyce59, did the scan rule out suspicious nodules or will you be needing further investigation?

  • there are a few nodules but luckily there quite small the biggest 2.5mm she seemed more concerned about the fragments (i would assume she meant their breaking away) and the fibrosis which is inflamation and scarring isnt it? she asked me when i was last scanned but i told her that is my first one. so i just need to convince the gp now that its not 'all in my head'. luckily i have a written report and scan photos.

  • Good luck with the GP!

  • thanks mistydog

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