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Blood test for under active Thyroid negative....but have lots of symptoms


For about 2/12 3 months I have been totally exhausted and falling asleep on the sofa at 9pm only to go to bed and be wide awake at 2am for a couple of hours. I have put on a lot of weight and my memory and mind is totally somewhere else!

I was sent for blood tests, and rang Dr today for results and receptionist said all (had vitamin B12 test) also was negative. I have made an appointment for Monday to see GP. Anyone that can offer any help/advice or have any ideas where to go now I would really really appreciate it...Thank You

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Best to politely ask for copies of all your test results, including ranges, before deciding what's "normal" and what isn't. Post the results on here, you'll get lots of great advice.

Don't let them fob you off, your entitled to copies, see here:

I've always been able to get mine just by asking, but I know others have had problems.

H x


Thank you so much for your reply! I just can't see how they can be normal! My hair is breaking off, nails break and are so weak. Will let you know what GP says on Monday? Would I have to have a significant low level to be given medication? Or if they are still just 'normal' would /could I be given medication to relieve the symptoms?

Sarah x


It really depends on your GP, most of them are slaves to the ranges unfortunately, but there are some good ones out there (I hope, I've got my happy hat on today)! But we've learnt that in order to get well, you need to be a little bit cynical.


I imagine your tests are NOT normal for you. This is what your symptoms are telling you (and your doctor). Unfortunately the NHS does not start treatment until you are quite ill and by then you not only have a high TSH but have begun the downward spiral of other problems. That's why the nutrient tests have to be addressed.


hello, please go back to your doctor and tell him how bad you feel, as hampster1 said get copies of all blood tests also tell your doctor you are researching your illness and that you are on this site, i am new to this but i know now that doctors do not know everything and certainly very little about the thyroid, good luck with it all


So what are the levels I should be looking for at my appointment tomorrow. If they have came back 'normal' what would be borderline?

Thanks everyone for you advice


smarty, how did you make out with your appointment? I gave you the link for knowing about how to understand your test results so you could compare. Each lab has their own low to high range so if you have that you can see where yours fall, i.e. toward the lower range or the higher range (where you should be for almost everything except the TSH which should be low.


Well just got back from the dr, levels are all perfectly fine. He has re prescribed me antidepressants as I was on them from march untill June. He seems to think, the brain fog and tirdeness are due to the fact I hadn't given the antidepressants long enough to work????


"levels are perfectly fine "is crap

you must DEMAND the actual figures and the actual tests

I bet all they did was TSH and thats a nonsense test especially if you have central hypothyroid

You do not need antidepressants you need treatment for thyroid

DO NOT take NO for an answer


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