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Vitamins can cause cancer and/or are useless( another stupid study)


These studies most probably funded by big pharma gives one wrong impression that using any vitamin is useless or lethal. No wonder most doctors don't test vitamins or even consider lack of vitamins can cause symptoms.

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Thanks for the link.

Maybe this doctor means that people are taking supplements willy/nilly thinking it will make them feel better when they haven't had blood tests to show if they have any deficiencies.

It might well be, too, as you think, Big Pharma would prefer us to be ill so that we get prescription medications.


I do not disagree taking too much could be harmful, but unfortunately you get the idea that taking vitamins is useless altogether. This is why I hate studies like this as there are several things people are lacking , which have been proved. Like over here in Finland they discovered early 80´s that people are lacking magnesium and selenium as our soil is so poor.

Studies suggesting taking vitamins can be lethal gives the idea one should avoid them. That pisses me off. Doctor at public healthcare I met last year said that all vitamins are humbug and have no effect what so ever. Funny how one can die lacking certain vitamins.

Studies should be properly presented and contain proper information that a person that is healthy and has healthy habits and eats healthy might not need any supplementing. In this study they had followed celebrities, who might have enough money to eat healthy :D How about poor people not enough money to eat properly and have very healthy habits? That would give more proper information!


You are very correct and I do agree.


Funny because my gastro told me about this study and said i should stop injecting weekly for PA - yet I have NEVER felt better.

Needless to say i still inject weekly

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Yeah and PA leads to death if you don't do injections. So should one just feel awful and die than take a minimal risk for having a cancer.

B12 is not proved to cause cancer tho, at least what I understood it can cause cancer to spread a bit faster or it can cause tumour to grow faster. But hey of course they say it causes cancer. In that study thru had people who smoke which naturally is bigger risk than B12 :D

We need vitamins for sure. Doctors just don't seem to understand there is state between over using and not using at all. It is called balance which you can achieve if vitamins would be routinely measured.

Funny how they are not concerned about alcohol or even sugar. No it is ok to drink a lot and eat sugar. But don't you dare take vitamins, that shocks your doctor!

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Here we go again, another contradictory survey. Dr Paul Lining promoted Vit C years ago and had a lot of research to back his findings, years later this was disputed then years later again his advice was recognised. And so it goes on. Why do they say to take CoQ10 if you take Statins as it depletes this vital substance for the heart. I eat organically and very well but I have still suffered conditions brought about by stressful situations which in turn affected my adrenals. A private adrenal specialist placed me on numerous vitamins which certainly helped even though he thought my diet was good.

It is true in a perfect world we would have tests for all minerals and vitamins but this is either unobtainable on the NHS or unaffordable and so we take a chance and do what we think is best for ourselves, they key is to try to keep up to date with all sorts of research and with the help of good people such as are on this website. We always have the option of giving up our vitamin intake altogether experimenting with how that makes us feel.


Joyia, you've got the man's name a bit muddled up. The man you are thinking of is Linus Pauling. There is a Linus Pauling Institute website which has lots of information about vitamins and minerals e.g. vitamin C :

Look under Articles in the menu.


Yes sorry so I have, a senior moment, thanks for putting me straight x


It's easily done - I have senior moments a lot, particularly when trying to cook. :)


This probably has something to do with Big Pharma wanting us to use their meds rather than vitamins that may actually benefit our health. In any case, there is a great deal of evidence out there (even in mainstream media) that they provide financial incentives for researchers to come up with particular slants.


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