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Healthiest Vit C foods?*6UBF7TAED487aaxyQkq-VqLxyPhHgGT1rM6sTJtbaCyFFgjnkIDSFfG*BPY8tAkYBaWfrJIOomUejwhkWawgwOMw3nYT/

Copy and paste above link to your web browser! Just seen it as a link on my expat discussion forum! It follows on from my post yesterday with the Vit C podcast.

Above It makes for some interesting reading. It opens up basically as a chart listing the relevant foods and their values.

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Big thanks, this is great.

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My pleasure Thyo1d and a Happy Healthier Year for everyone I hope.


Apparently seals contain a fair bit of vitamin C. As, indeed, does a lot of fresh meat.

I came across the story below about the original use of lemon juice against scurvy - and that by the time of Scott's expeditions much of what had once been understand had been turned on its head by crazy ideas about ptomaine. And the idea that the final appreciation and proof of vitamin C occurred by good luck in choosing a guinea pig...

Fairly long but an easy, good read. In my opinion. :-)

I couldn't help but see parallels in the way in which thyroid medicine is handled. Having once been based on "if it works, use it" changing to "if TSH is right, you are OK". Not that there ever was that golden age of perfect treatment of all.

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Helvella, I see you mention one of my Ancestors - no proof, my Grandmother said so, but then she also said she was connected to the Royal Family! :-)

- Scott being my paternal grandfather'a surname, so my maiden name and I'm an explorer also! I'll go exploring that link!


Helvella, just finished reading it! Yep so many things, in there relevant to my several,conditions, like the skin on my legs, top of my back and arms that breaks out in little spots that bleed easily and don't want to stop! Even though I've stopped taking the daily blood thinning powder I was put on 3 yrs ago, along with when I stopped taking the other meds, again always except the Levo which I continued taking. also where it got me when I again after I stopped self experimenting ny not taking the Levo at all for a few day's, during the time I was forgetting to eat, I ocasionally forgot to take the Levo.

I think I may have had, ? what I've seen described here as a flare, drier skin and the itching started again,along with more hair loss/thinning. Feeling lousy and miserable, Plus the bone pain pain in my toe joints got worse, but not the ones that were operated on strangely, although I got a lot of cramp in that foot and leg! My TSH shot up, came down again by 5, and I wait for next weeks result after the test! However I do know that cold and damp in decades gone by, also led to tB. Another blood Test I'm prepared to pay for, to eliminate rather than wanting to include it, despite my Endo's nasty comment that I'm looking for a "another illness to have - go and find a holistic specialist"

Well I think many of the discussions here, with Their Q's and A's are leading to the best holistic advice possible. Rome wasn't built in a day!

I've already put the VitC link on my expat forum, where its started an interesting discussion between mostly the mean, surprisingly, including a Frenchman, and I'll put your link to the article on there as well!

In the meantime, I think I need to start. Using fresh lemons again, and either squeezing the juice from half of one into a small cup of temperature drinkable boiled water, or letting the water draw the lemon and all its goodness out into the water. Having kept the lemons in the fridge salad box and not in the fruit bowl! I have friends, who always start their day with a homemade fresh lemon tea cuppa!

Just to clarify then, are we saying Vit C from lemons is far more health beneficial than from Oranges and veg?

One thing I had read once before is that tomatoes are acidic and NOT good for arthritic joints!

Have a good day and thanks for posting the link,S x


I think (but don't know for sure) that the lemon is simply an excellent source because it has so much. And that it does not have to be subject to heat before consumption - as do many vegetables and (usually) meat.

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