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"Increased risk of autism" in babies of "sub clinical" hypoT

For those with an interest in this area, this preliminary research found that a rise in TSH and low T4 - but both, I think, "within range" were associated with autistic type characteristics in one year olds. This is very preliminary research, and they need to look at older children, because high functioning autism is often not spotted until boys are about nine or ten.

However it is further fuel for the view that "sub clinical" states of hypoT can have very serious impacts, and should not be dismissed, especially in women of child bearing age.

I think it also adds a lot of weight to the view that those of us with hypoT and daughters should get them tested before they embark on pregnancies. Because the NHS doesn't do it.

The low T4 might be the really significant bit.

Apologies if it has been posted before.

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Hi again we spoke before my wife is hypo hashi low iron and ferritin and vit d so u have any advice on Wat brands or Wat other supp to take with for best results and minimum side effects pls aspmama .....😬


Hi, Iv been reading about this a lot just recently. Very interesting because I'm underactive thyroid and I'm convinced that my childrens father is Aspergers. His father could easily have been Aspergers and his grandmother looks a likely candidate as well. My children are undiagnosed but I believe mild Aspergers too. My daughters son has just been diagnosed Aspergers and we think her daughter is also but so far because she is high achieving at school has managed to get under that particular radar.

As much as it is helpful in linking these two seemingly disparate medical issues I can't help feeling that there is a lot more to it especially as in our case it's probably more incidental that there is a connection as the Aspergers can be traced over 5 generations. So far only one person has a diagnosis.. In my family just 2 generations of hypothyroidism.

When I was pregnant with both my children I was offered an abortion as their bloods came back 1 in 80 chance of them being born Downs Syndrome. The lady next door also had the 1 in 80 Down's syndrome abortion offered and I believe, watching her son grow up that he had Aspergers. Her husband certainly did, though again because of high achieving, undiagnosed.

Reading all the posts on Health Unlocked it appears that there is still a long way to go in unravelling the marvels of our inner body's mechanics!

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If you are already on ANY sort of thyroid replacement TSH testing is about as much use as a chocolate rocket to the sun and back!

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These women were not diagnosed and were not being treated.


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