Improvement of Blood Inflammatory Marker Levels in Patients With Hypothyroidism Under Levothyroxine Treatment


Background: There are several specific inflammatory and oxidative correlates among patients with hypothyroidism, but most studies are cross-sectional and do not evaluate the change in parameters during the treatment. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of levothyroxine replacement therapy on biomarkers of oxidative stress (OS) and systemic inflammation in patients with hypothyroidism.


In conclusion, this study observed a significant reduction of pro-inflammatory cytokines and an increase of one anti-inflammatory cytokine in hypothyroid patients using levothyroxine. In these patients, the reduction of low-grade chronic inflammation may have clinical relevance because of the known connection between chronic inflammation, atherosclerosis and cardiovascular events.

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  • Clutter what does this mean in simple language please?

  • Musicmonkey, Untreated subclinical and overt hypothyroidism increases inflammation and oxidasive stress which cause narrowing of the arteries and leads to heart disease/attacks. The study finds treatment with Levothyroxine reduces the inflammation and oxidasive stress markers which reduces the likelihood of developing of heart disease.

  • Thanks Clutter. The question is does it actually look at the level of treatment required to achieve this? Do so hope so.....perhaps finally a dig at the protocol of treatment via the TSH. Then again there is adequate and!!!

  • Wavey, It monitored levels at 6 and 12 months after treatment.

  • I wish this had worked on my inflammation. My ESR and CRP are higher than they have ever been since this was flagged in 1998. :-(

  • Helcaster, hypothyroidism is only one reason why there may be inflammation and obviously isn't the reason for yours if your markers are climbing despite thyroid replacement.

  • I think lack of cortisol over many decades hasn't helped. I started getting arthritis in my late 20' s which seemed to shock my doctors.

    More recently IC has been blamed as it's an inflammatory disease. I would just like to have some advice and info from my GP other than it's got worse!

    I'm trying omega 3 now, and taking hydrocortisone must help.

  • Helcaster, I hope they help.

  • Thanks Clutter. :-)

  • Very interesting, thanks for posting clutter

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