Not happy😕

As some of you will know I've been waiting for the results of my biopsy for celiac disease,the procedure was done on Christmas eve and although they didn't see any obvious sights of celiac.I did have gastritis, as I hadn't heard anything further from the hospital or doctors I phoned yesterday.a receptionist said every thing was ok and no action was needed.I question this and later spoke to a doctor who said the same.after a short conversion it turns out she didn't know why the tests where done and said they hadn't tested me for celiac disease.!!! I queried that and and also asked what had caused my gastritis, was the problem viral bacterial or autoimmune at which point the doctor couldn't get off the phone quick enough and I was told as the biopsies weren't back she couldn't tell me anything😕

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  • Per-Lamb, I'm not surprised the biopsy results aren't returned yet but I think it's remiss to tell patients results that aren't yet returned are fine!

  • Thats awful! Hopefully you will get some sensible comments when the biopsies are back :)

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