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My wife's latest issues

Hey every1 I think I've worked out how to post things on here it's only taken 3 months lol well I have become my wife's doctor lol I've learnt a lot from following this forum and the great grey goose long story short my wife been on levo 14 years last July while on holiday in turkey she had some strange symptoms couldn't breath dry mouth tight feeling in neck anyway wen we got back to uk went to see a couple of specialists to rule out anything dangerous but it didn't add up so I researched and found this site which made me make sense of what is going on my head was spinning at first but now I think I make the doc head spin lol anyway life story continues she now under ent cardio. Endo Endo today talking the usual rubbish any way bloods came worst than last months ferritin 36.8 (10-291) iron 8.8(10-30.4)transferritin2.20%(2.5-3.8)tsh 0.03(0.35-5.5)ft4 15.9 (10-19.8)25 hydroxyl vit d 10.8 not normal.25 hydroxy vit d3 68.8 no range .. Thyroid peroxidase antibody 322(0-60) basically need some advice on the best vitamins to take cause we also no think that her 4 visits to a&e with fast heart rate is maybe due to iron def and I know some people on here are experts with supplement and vits o ya the endo also dropped her levo from 100 a day to 75 for 4 days and 100 for 3 days a week sorry about the long post but I can really do with ur help many thanks 😬

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She has hashimotos, so her thyroid will be over and under active at different times. The antibodies show this.

Iron is a problem and needs to come up, usually needs ferritin to be over 70 to really be effective.

She needs to look into gluten, which makes hashis much worse. Cutting this out of the diet can help. I would read up about hashis as it is a little more complex than basic under active.


Thanks for the reply she is gf dairy free and hardly any sugars apart from fruit but really need to do a lot more other tests regarding root cause what I really need to know is the best vit d to take and also the best iron and ferritin supplements for to take for best results and min discomfort ???

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This is a good iron supplement... 3 times per day and few if any side effects. Your wife can start off with one per day and work up to the full dosage over a few weeks.

Have labs done after a few months to see how your wife is getting along.

You might choose to do some research on selenium. 200 mcgs - no more than 400 mcgs (that is mcgs NOT mgs) per day. It is protective of the thyroid. Here is a link to a brief explanation.


Be sure to ck the ingredients label if your wife is taking any multi-vitamin and see if it already contains selenium and dose extra selenium accordingly. Brazil nuts contain 50 - 100 mcgs of selenium but the selenium can be variable depending on the growing conditions and the age/freshness of the brazil nuts. This is the brand that I take but others may suggest their favorites. If you don't need the whole 200 mcgs, you can purchase empty gel caps and split the dosage.

You are to be commended for your care of your wife. Would that more spouses and family members were supportive and understanding. :)


Thank u so much for ur reply and comments I have to do Wat I have to do even if I have to go to other side of the world to get this managed properly 👍🏻

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