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Newby with Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid)!


I'm new to the site and have recently been diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism. I'd been ill for some time and eventually my GP sent me for blood tests which came back with an extremely overactive thyroid in mid November 2015 = FT4 53.6 with TSH 0.01. I've been on a daily dose of 20mg Carbimazole together with Propranolol (beta-blockers) 3 times a day (reducing as symptoms got better).

I had a six week blood check end of December 2015 which have resulted in the following results = FT4 5.7 with TSH 41.26. I am now extrememly underactive!! Carbimazole has been reduced to 5mg per day and have stopped taking Propranolol.

During the 6 weeks I have visited an endocrinologist and have had an antibodies check (results yet to be recieved) and await an appointment for an ultrasound. I also need to go back for another blood test in 4 weeks (early Feb) .

Not quite sure if I'm coming or going at the moment. Just seems like I'm on a giant see-saw.

This site is full of great information on the Thyroid and it would be lovely to hear and chat with others. 6 weeks ago I did not even know where the thyroid was let alone having to deal with so many symptoms and facts and figures!

Looking forward to postive comments that life can feel normal again soon - fingers crossed and many thanks.

S x

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Gosh, your story is similar to mine. When I was first diagnosed my numbers were very similar to yours. I had antibodies tested too so I knew I had Graves Disease although I don't think the consultant I saw would have told me if I hadn't brought it up myself.

Like you I was also hypo at one point, I took 20mcg carbimazole for four weeks then 40mcg for another two months which was how I turned up at my first endo appointment hypo.

I was saying to someone else on here that my pharmacist recommended taking high strength vitamin C with the carbimazole so I always took that.

I knew very little about thyroid problems - years ago I thought I was underactive and when I got my results back the doctor was surprised that I was 'borderline overactive' - I should have followed that up. Even when I felt dreadful and was sure I had some sort of autoimmune condition I still didn't think of thyroid problems.

Read as much as you can - if haven't discovered it yet the Thyroid UK site is really helpful take a look on there - it is worth joining Thyroid UK - it doesn't cost much and is very worthwhile. Anyway, look on there, you'll find lots of good information and there are lots of books available too. A good start is 'Understanding Your Thyroid' by Dr Anthony Toft. It doesn't cost much and covers a lot of what you will want to know

Take an active part in your consultations, write down any questions you have, take notes in the consultations, ask for copies of all your test results. For a long time I kept a daily diary of how I was feeling. It was very useful to be able to match my blood test results to how I was feeling.

My first post on here was to add if I would ever feel normal again and yes thanks to the support and encouragement I got on this site and from ThyroidUK I do. I've been in remission for over two years now. Hopefully things will work out for you too.


Hi Fruitandnutcase,

Thanks so much for your lovely reply. Your comments and advice are very postive and helpful. Great to hear all is well with you!

I've actually had my appt through today for the ultrasound for next Tues 12/1. Still awaiting antibodies results but the Endocrinologist does want to see me again in February after my next blood test.

I've done a lot of reading and will look into getting the book you recommended.

Thanks again.

S x



Was diagnosed mid October (T4: 85, TSH : 0.01). Was put on 15 mg Carbimazole, did not need propanolol as I was incredibly well despite my level of hyperthyroidism. My thyroid levels came down quickly. After 2 weeks my profile was (T4: 25, T3: 9, TSH: 0.01). After 2 more weeks, it dropped down to (T4: 7, T3: 3, TSH: 0.01) but unlike you my TSH remained suppressed. My endo reduced my Carbimazole dose to 5 mg then.

I'm being tested again this week after 4 weeks. Will see if my thyroid profile is within range now. I was told that I will need to stay on a maintenance dose for 12-18 months once my levels had stabilised. I have antibodies for both Graves' and Hashimoto's.

It's good that you reacted well to the Carbimazole. Hopefully the low dosage of 5 mg keeps you within range from now on. Since the new year, I am trying a gluten free diet as that's supposed to help with the antibodies.



Hi mjlkw,

Thanks so much for your comments and good to see you are on the right track.

My ultrasound showed no concerns - phew! I'm still awaiting the antibodies results. Going for another blood test next week and hoping levels are getting near the normal range as am now only taking 5mg of Carbimazole per day. I am waiting to see the Endocrinologist again to assess all recent blood tests and results. As you say it's going to be a long term thing to get to/maintain normal levels.

Many thanks again.

S x


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