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Overactive thyroid just diagnosed


First time of writing here. Following blood tests I got a letter which gave the following info (all gobbledegook to me)

TSH was suppressed at 0.01 mmo/L

FT4 was high at 20.8

FT3 was high at 6.2.

Can anyone PLEASE translate this into something I might understand?

I was put on Carbimazole 5mg about a month ago.

Thank you,


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Hi, sorry I can't interpret anything from your blood results apart from you being overactive, but I'm curious as to how you physically feel? I don't think ever asked or spoken to anyone who is hyper rather than hypo? Xx


Thanks for replying.

TBH I have several health problems so am used to feeling generally unwell!

I have had Atrial Fibrillation; type 2 diabetes; osteo-arthritis, high blood pressure (and other problems) for around 17 years and have gradually acclimatised to living within the limitations they present.

So it's against this background the docs sprang on me this overactive thyroid news a few months ago. I thought they must be wrong, confusing it with underactive because, if anything, I often feel tired and sluggish (nowhere near 'active' - let alone 'overactive'!). Definitely not losing weight etc.

I got these test results only yesterday (the tests were in July!) so I'm still a bit confused with it all.

Sorry, I guess that doesn't really answer your question does it? But I just don't seem to be feeling very different from the usual.



Sounds fun! :-(

Please, don't apologise, I was just curious to see the other side of thyroid problems but you sound very much hypo rather than hyper, I hope you get some joy soon x


Welcome to the forum, Thirteenoseven.

Did the letter include the ranges for the results? They would be the figures in brackets after the results.


No - there were no numbers in brackets. Only the ones I quoted. Should I chase them up for this info? btw this appears to be a copy of the letter the endo sent to my GP. Would it mean anything to her (GP) without that further information?



Thirteenoseven, your GP may be aware of the ranges. I was hoping to use the ranges to demonstrate to you why your results are marked high.

Essentially, FT4 and FT3 are above the reference ranges as they are marked high, and along with suppressed TSH 0.01 means you are producing too much thyroid hormone and are over active (hyperthyroid). TSH ranges are typically 0.35-4.20. Normal TSH would be 1-2.

Your FT4 and FT3 are mildly over the range as 5mg is a low dose. Carbimazole is an anti-thyroid drug which will block over production of thyroid hormone.

I think it's remiss that you haven't had a follow up thyroid test in 3 months to check levels.


Thank you for your reply.

Am going for a 'pre-op assessment' next week. For a biopsy apparently. Didn't realise that was classed as an operation.

Will report my findings....



Thirteenoseven, it is if it involves a general anaesthetic. I hope it goes well.


It would be really useful to see the ranges because, for example, where I live, the ranges for FT4 and FT3 are 9-26 and 2.8-7 respectively.


The only info I got was what I quoted. It was a copy of the letter sent to my GP. Presumably she knows the ranges so I will be chasing her up for this info.

Thanks for replying.



I am sorry you have been diagnosed with this with everything else.

I too am Hyper (graves) but I have hypo symptoms too. This was finally agreed can and does happen by my 2nd endo. Unfortunately I am going through this for the 2nd time now.

I have put on weight. Have no energy. Lots of aches & pains in joints bones etc. All I have been told are hypo.

Good luck with your preop. And remember we are here to be there for you




Thanks for your reply.

Yes it's odd; they insist its hyper- but the symptoms I have are nearer to hypo- if anything.

Sorry to hear you're going through this again. Hope you get on top of it soon.


My previous Endo said my 2 1/2 stone weight gain plus aches/pains were nothing to do with Thyroid. I left his office in tears earlier this year. Three months later I'm back seeing a new Endo (on my request) and he said yes of course it is. I have two other patients the same!!! I cried this time with relief :)

I can't understand that they go into this side of medicine and then don't seem to have a clue or just don't care.

Hope you doing ok. I'm now down the road of total thyroidectomy. Just waiting on date.. oh what a rollercoaster this all is

Take care



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