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Cholesterol goes up heart disease goes down

Just in case you haven't seen it, a really good blog from Dr Malcolm Kendrick:

As readers of this blog will know well, I do not believe that cholesterol levels have anything to do with heart disease, which would more accurately called coronary artery disease (CAD) or coronary heart disease (CHD). This is not a view that is widely accepted in the medical community, nor in society as a whole. In fact, this view places me very firmly in the ‘nut job’ category. I have been told that my views mean that I feature on several quack watch sites. Hoorah, fame – of a kind – at last.

So when I come across information that supports my position, I am always keen to make as much noise about it as possible. Today, or at least today as I write this, someone sent me an article entitled ‘Continuous decline in mortality from coronary heart disease in Japan despite a continuous and marked rise in total cholesterol: Japanese experience after the Seven Countries Study.’

To continue reading, go to: tinyurl.com/je2475z

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Thanks Lyn for your post and link. You - on QUACKWATCH - surely not! If you are, I think all of us on this forum must be on their Watch List too - don't you? :)

Who do these people work for anyway. I think this is self-explanatory with some responses to Quackwatch.


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Hi Shaws, As far as I am aware, we are not on Quackwatch. Dr Kendrick is, though, and so has Dr Briffa I believe been mentioned. Some people have nothing better to do with their time.... :-)


One responder to the link above makes a very valid point and says :

I'd like to report a fraud. That would be Quackwatch, the FDA, the AMA, the pharmaceutical industry, the cancer industry and this Barrett Jackass who runs the website called Quackwatch.

However, keep up the good work of exposing the real healers and supplements. I know if something that I've heard about might actually be good for my health or an "alternative" provider might know his or her stuff, I can be assured that you **** will feature it on your website.


Great picture of the Cheeky Boy !


Well my mom has 9 siblings. 8 of them have high-ish cholesterol. 2 of them never had high cholesterol, had heart disease. Other one had full surgery at age 50 and other one had (whatever it is called done with "balloon", cannot remember now). Those who have high cholesterol have no clogged arteries, 4 of them have had the proper examination.

So. In large family like my mom's this is pretty good evidence high cholesterol might have nothing to do with heart diseases. Unfortunately these two who had are now forced to take huge amounts of statins to lower their cholesterol to level that is considered unhealthy so that the stents would not get clogged.


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