Does anyone have hashimotos thyroiditis??

I have been feeling awful for a while now , and have the feeling of a lump iny throat for ages, doc confirmed I have a lump and have had blood tests and am due a ultra sound scan next week, my mum suffered the same symptoms and ended up with most of her thyroid removed due to hashimotos thyroiditis and a large goitre and several modules

I fear I have the same ! :-(

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  • Lots of us on here.have hashimotos, its the most common reason for having hypothyroidism. IVe had it for over 25 years. It does run in families, so if your mum has it there is a chance you do too. Has the doc done a thyroid function test? Has he measured your antibodies? DO you have the results? Has he given you medication? If you have hashimotos its best to nip it in the bud and treat as soon as possible.


  • Just had blood test yesterday and no results yet when I phoned today :-( I dot think I can manage this feeling of the lump constantly I can't sleep well because I feel is 'pushing' in my throat and Its like I can't breathe :-( have you had your thyroid removed? Or lumps removed?

  • I have the lump too. Just did a thyroid uptake today. I have several symptoms that align with chronic hypothyroidism. They began over 2 years ago and has been untreated. I am afraid. I have every one of the symptoms, even the weird ones like low temp 96.9, low heart rate (sometimes down to 38), low BP, hair falling out badly, bed wetting, no sexual interest, depression, heart flutters and palputations, throat has a bump and feels weird, muscle cramps, deteriorating mental capacity (trying to graduate from grad school this semester), no period for 2 plus years, cold with hot flashes, hard to breath, and exhausted!!

  • I know when it gets to a certain point it can be fatal. I feel like I am at that point. However, the endocrinologist says my numbers are within limits! What?! She only measured F4 and THS. I took a thryoid uptake today. Do I need to go to the ER? I can no longer function. Thank you!

  • Was diagnosed with hashi's 10 years ago. I had a BUPA medical (feeling unwell) and the very nice lady doctor checked out my thyroid and said it was swollen. I did have the feeling of a lump in my throat, wanted to swallow all the time but as soon as I started on medication the swelling went down and I have not had any prolems with that since. I assume that the antibodies cause inflammation and swelling, however, I am not an expert on the thyroid, this is just my experience.

  • Did you have any other symptoms? And did treatment help? I have not been diagnosed, but I have had the symptoms for going on 3 years. I am afraid. Please see my post above for a list of symptoms. Thank you very much!!

  • Thankyou x I hope it can be sorted soon!

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