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Can any of you find the answer, please?


Hi all

I'm trying to find a vegan ferritin supplement as instructed by my GP for her to prescribe, ie on the NHS prescribing list. The dose needs to be high, as in prescribed meds, because my level is low and GP thinks over the counter ones would not be high enough.

I have followed up on all your suggestions and links but still no luck. Is there anyone smart out there who can find the answer?


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Any good for you for help?

thyr01d in reply to Sueirving

Sue, thank-you very much, this is most interesting and suggests I need Vitamin C not ferritin!

Will contact GP.

Huge thanks, I think you've just helped me very much on my way back to normal ferritin and therefore proper use of thyroxine and maybe full health.

Sueirving in reply to thyr01d

Glad it helped

Spareribs in reply to Sueirving

A very informative site for vegans and meat-eaters alike,

we must keep stressing the importance of those vital minerals & how they all work together - thanks for posting

J :D

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