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ME/PVF/CFS and thyroid part 2

Hi again

Thanks for the suggestions to the previous question. I have been in to GPs and got printouts of daughter's last blood tests. The only results showing as outside the reference range are very high basophils and low creatinine. The "Thyroid function test" just covered TSH and showed 2mu/L (for a reference range of .25-4).

As for the clinic she is being referred to at University College hospital, I can't find any info on it from their website or Google, so not looking hopeful.

Any suggestions gratefully received.


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As I undertstand (which isn't very far) basophils carry histamine and are sometimes associated with urticaria. Is it worth seeing if any of the common anti-histamines help at all? Your daughter might need to try several different products until she finds one that does help - or rejects the idea.

Low creatinine seems to be associated with muscle loss. Is your daughter losing weight? Especially muscle? If so you may find that increasing protein intake could help.

All the best



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