Feeling better

Although the glands under my jaw have been up for a couple of weeks. Could that be hashi related? Not due for my next bood test until new year BUT when my doc (who i wont b seeing again) gave me my blood form last time i saw her, she has only marked the usual basic test to be done. Would it be better for me to get my private bloods done again to take with me when i see my other doc (who i prefer)? Interested to see if my B12 levels are moving up now i am supplementing and also my antibody readings

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  • I think I would phone the surgery Monday and ask if the tests you would like done be added.

    They can put them on the computer and the nurse will see them added on when you get your next bloods done.

    It is so frustrating to get 1 done here and 1 done there. Ask and hopefully you receive.


  • No point hun cus i know my surgery and nurse cant authorise that

  • Jefner, if your GP has only ordered TSH the only way you'll get a full picture is to order private thyroid tests. B12 should be high when you are supplementing.


    I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.

  • only supplementing 1000mcg with a B complex but it should help raise my levels. I will probs go private again because at the end of the day we are on our own arn't we so to speak

  • Jefner, my B12 rose from low 300s to over 700 after 8 weeks on 1,200mcg. I maintain 1,000mcg daily plus B Complex and haven't retested since.

  • another member said I should be dosing at around 5,000mcg but to be honest I think I prefer to start lower. Mine was 384 and "within range" but you guys said still too low. I gonna have "within range" on my headstone pmsl

  • Jefner, hopefully you'll be optimally within range in a few weeks and long before you're ready for a headstone :)

  • spoke too soon, feeling grotty again today :(

  • Jefner, take heart from feeling good yesterday. It's a good sign that you are responding to medication, and soon the good days will start to outnumber the bad.

  • hope so honey. Felt OK this morning and decided to do a bit of clearing up outside and then BANG fatigue back and fell asleep for the rest of the afternoon. Feeling very depressed as well; I always do this time of year, Christmas is a bad time for me :(. I hate it when it arrives and I hate it when it leaves

  • yes..its called "pouting sublinguals" and it is rarely ever mentioned as a symptom. google it.

  • wow that's a new one on me, thanks so much.

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