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Synthroid Vs. Armour

I finally found a doctor who is taking me seriously! Very seriously! I had a severe flare up of symptoms about two weeks ago, 3 weeks after being on synthroid 50mcg. He is switching me to Armour instead, anybody have experience with this? Will it help these god forsaken symptoms? I can barely walk, stand and am almost too fatigued to speak at times. Mood swings are horrendous. Will Armour help better than synthroid??

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It's impossible to say. Armour suits some people, not others. You won't know if it suits you until you try.

However, nothing is going to help until you're taking enough of it, for long enough. 50 mcg Synthroid for 3 weeks was a very small dose for a very short time. Not really long enough to tell if it really worked for you, or to find out if you had a conversion problem, or whatever. :)


I've been on Armour for over 7 years as levo just didn't work for me. I am happy and healthy on it.


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