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I am going to be my own guinea pig!!!

Ordered some DMSO, l'Carnitine tartrate, and distilled water. Need to only have a 20% solution of DMSO, so will mix it with the distilled water, and add a bit of the CLT, and paint it on my head.!!!

So goodness knows what will happen, but if you don't try, you won't know. My hair is just not as thick as it used to be. It's not falling out, I just want it to be like it was, or better at least than now. Seems to take around 6 weeks to see anything, will keep posting.

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Hi Langdocienne,

I'm a bit like yourself and would try anything once, well almost anything😜.

Seriously though, please keep us posted.

It was bluepettals who started this thread. If we all end up sitting on our crowning glory we will have her to thank for the link and you to thank for being

a guinea pig. 🐷

If you have time ( when you're not baking) please PM me with details of where you purchased all your ingredients.



HI, haven't done a pm yet, just buy on ebay, pretty much the cheapest. Distilled water 5ltrs from ebay £9.99 inc postage....l'carnitine tartrate 250mg £11.85....and DMSO 100ml for £7.49... I think that that would enough DMSO, and I will get more, if it doesn't stink too much of garlic!!!

It says that you have to add 20% of DMSO, so will add the other 4/5ths of distilled water, so it is not too concentrated, and a bit of the LCT powder, they say just a tablet opened up, so mustn't be much. We'll see what we will see!!!

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Hi langdocienne,

Let us know how you get on.

Be very very careful with the DMSO! It crosses the blood brain barrier and if you get other substances on your hands you can transfer those into your body through the skin where DMSO is applied. Even if you wipe your hands on a towel after you can transfer stuff from the towel

This is one of the reasons it is not widely used in medicine. It is dangerous in certain circumstances and difficult to control once applied.

I once tried it for an unrelated treatment but the whole process was a nightmare to keep safe.

Make sure you wash your head thoroughly and don't forget to wash off every single trace of soap or that's going in too!

Exercise extreme care

Wash everything religiously

apply with a glass rod in small spots so it doesn't run

This is not a manual by the way. This is dangerous and needs saying.

All the best and keep us informed of your progress.

All the best,

Wade Tate


Anybody heard from him? I am going to try too, but do not know the dosages to use?


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