I just had to post this, unbelievable!!

DMSO, or dimethyl sulfoxide, seems to be a total miracle substance, but of course no money in it for big pharma.

I am just looking on the net for more info. I am interested, after reading a post from another member, about using DMSO as a carrier for L'carnitine tartrate, to stimulate hair growth. I wonder if it will help the thyroid function, seems to do everything else!!


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  • Thanks for the link Langdocienne,

    Very interesting

  • I also looked at it re hair loss which was posted last week but I was put off as it says it is able to cross the blood/brain barrier. I don't want it competing with T3.

    Just read this excerpt:-

    We conclude that DMSO as a vehicle for drug administration may increase the drug concentration into the extracellular space, but since BBB permeability is increased, it may also provide an avenue for development of vasogenic edema.


  • Yes we can - trying to fix or keep ourselves well - be tempted by various substances... that is not said because I totally trust standard medicine [far from it in some quarters] BUT, for me, the need to have someone who knows what they're doing is critical when trying out 'stuff'. I wish we could find such people... because this and several other such chemicals look really promising :-(

  • Many of us have paid out lots of £s

    and no further forward. Fortunately there were a few doctors who were knowledgeable and sympathetic and did help the patient. Mostly they are a dying breed now but hopefully some younger ones are coming through who have the spark needed to suss out the patients' requirements and will be allowed to trial what they think is best instead of been inhibited by the guidelines..

  • Yes many have paid out lots, only to get short shrift from rigid , nay ignorant, arrogant NHS docs. I have even had it said that two of those knowledgeable docs simply got it wrong and have misdiagnosed me... after almost six years of my use of thyroid hormones [some of it great, some of it pretty good and a small time feeling rubbish], yet with symptoms still indicating that I'm not yet fixed. I am told there is nothing wrong with my thyroid [well, only the damage that I've done to myself] and that I am 'using rubbish' [once NDT and now almost three years of T3 + adrenal support... I tried last year to reduce it right down, that is what sent me 'down and almost out' for months]. If I had the guts to post my before and during photos, they are just like those pics from 100 years ago, where the people were fine but then slumped, very clearly ill. I have no belief in them at all... their sneering is despicable but nothing could ever be done about that: a dear friend used to work as a registrar for the overseeing body of docs and they have no duty to be even reasonable to patients. You have no idea! Younger docs I've seen, sadly follow exactly in their footsteps... trained by them.

    Your optimism does you credit Shaws: I have always admired your approach to things... I so hope that what you say becomes a reality :-)

  • I think a lot will begin to listen to their patients because due to forums like this they wont want to seem less knowledgeable, like a previous post I've just read a few minutes ago. Plus if we're able to source our own hormones if they refuse and they see the change - words wont be necessary. My Thyroid Nurse was astonished when she saw the difference T3 added to Eltroxin made. She couldn't disguise her surprise. (Pity thereafter they withdrew Eltroxin).

    Also knew research is coming out/has come out which will put those 'guidelines' where they belong - on the rubbish tip - maybe we will have a bonfire - just like Guy Fox :) .

  • Great that your nurse could see also see the difference too (such a shame another hormone withdrawn). Difference for me is so obvious, so imagine being told you don't even have a thyroid issue: yes, due to being treated for years.

    So I agree shaws, there is new research, latest one I've seen is on the dynamic inter-relationships between TSH and thyroid hormones. One day, they will have no choice other than to concede that they were way off beam. (I suspect a few might wish to see the odd endo on that bonfire too ;-) )


  • eltroxin shaws what I sthat and why withdrawn and withdrawn everywhere?

  • Eltroxin is a UK brand of levothyroxine made by MercuryPharma.

    The same company also makes their Levothyroxine product.

    A few years ago, the company withdrew Eltroxin from the UK market. They said it would return at some point, but as after a few years it has not come back, I doubt if it ever will.

    MercuryPharma always insisted that the two products were absolutely identical except for a very small difference in the amount of one substance in the 50 microgram tablet. Posters here have said they do not feel the same on the two products.

    As far as I know, MercuryPharma actually supply product packaged as Eltroxin in Ireland.

    [The Eltroxin levothyroxine products in most other countries is made by different companies and has different ingredients.]

  • Eltroxin was the original Brand of levothyroxine, all others are generic in the UK. Mercury Pharma withdrew Eltroxin (for what reason is not clear (profits?) This is from 3 years ago on HU. I for one know that MP levo wasn't the same as the Eltroxin as I was good on that along with T3 and many users have also stated the same. Some after 20+ years on Eltroxin only:-

    Updated Information

    MercuryPharma have today (11/03/2013) confirmed that the Eltroxin brand of levothyroxine tablets are NOT being discontinued.

    There is currently a supply issue with the Eltroxin branded tablets at the moment, and no estimation of how long before this is resolved.

    MercuryPharma also confirmed (yet again) that the exact same tablets are available under the generic MercuryPharma label.


  • what liquid thyroxine is there left.

  • There are several:-


    If I was a betting woman I'd say MP is the most expensive.

  • Why not look into why your thyroid is low and work on that, instead of adding more chemicals to your body, which are not even addressing the root cause? If you have hashi's , then Functional medicine can put it into remission, through healing the immune system and addressing why you got it in the first place.

  • faith63: I began with Levo and could not tolerate it, took Armour for 2 1/2 years and was largely fine. I loathe taking chemicals and use alternative methods wherever I can, [but do take what seems to alleviate my being unable to function].

    I had so many hypothyroid symptoms [still have some that never went away] and was diagnosed by Dr S and Dr P... as stated recently to yet another NHS endo, "An optically challenged man on that proverbial galloping horse couldn't have failed to diagnose". My temperature at its worst, is 34.4 C - even in summer - it is usually mid 35's C which is also highly indicative of hypothyroidism. I have tried to have my temps investigated... no one wants to know: that is a huge problem because when temps are good, I'm fine [WITH T3 + NAX].

    I am told that I don't have Hashi's, yet sometimes feel that I'm in remission from something. I like what you're saying; however, after so many years of this it now feels beyond me to work it out (I have a research background, so please be assured that I haven't sat twiddling my thumbs). I would appreciate any hints you can give :-) I am considering going back to NDT.

  • The nhs refuse to test the antibodies, so next year am getting a blood profile done at bluehorizon. I am 100% careful with what I eat, no cruciferous or goitrogenic veg, no gluten no carbs alart from the veggie ones. I am very very strict, the selfmedicating with t3 has improved me immensely. I buy it in Crete, it's ludocrous that they won't test me for all of the antibodies!

  • This is mainly why women have difficulties with pregnancy etc but thought you might be interested anyway for the fact that they dismiss antibodies and wont check.


  • I am 60, but still fertile and regular, had lsh and lh done, as the docs didn't believe that I was not menapausal. I have 7 kids, but not having anymore lol, will still get it all checked by blue horizons next year. I had hyper after my first was born, and still got pregnant whilst breastfeeding, and on T4 when he was 3 months old, nothing seems to stop me, but then, I think that I am a bit weird lol.

  • lindac they won try dsmo because there aint no dosh in for big greedy pharm

  • oh for heavens sake,----- shaws, it seems that when we think we hit on a viable way to make our hair grow there is always a bloody obstacle, it is so infuriating I was about to buy some, I might even still buy it and use it sparilgly. thanks for the post to make us aware.

  • I think we might be better with no hair than the possibility of a 'more damaged' system' :)

  • Hi bluepettals2, I am going to try it, as Ithink that it will be fine.

  • langdocienne I take it your hair is comingout?

  • not really, but it got dramatically thinner 12 years ago, when I started this. I take biotin 10000iu daily.

  • very thought provoking link .... methinks some more info research from me .....alan

  • Interesting link. Way back in the fifties and sixties my grandmother had a golden retriever dog that had eczema and there were always lumps of sulphur in his water bowl. Wonder if they worked in the same way?

  • the dog probably had a food sensitivity or allergy..it is autoimmune.

  • is it natural or man made chemical?

  • I have used dmso for years and also have to take NDT for my thyroid. I have been on a stable dose for 20 yrs. I haven't seen any improvement to my thyroid or reduction of my thyroid labs except when I started using iodine. So, I doubt seriously that dmso will help the thyroid but... applying diluted dmso to the thyroid/throat area shouldn't hurt anything as long as the hands and application area is clean and free of moisturizers, etc.

  • fantastic I am buying some

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