Thinning eyelashes

Along with my thinning hair I also have depleting eyelashes which is really depressing as they have always been long and full. I thought I'd post as today I used a new mascara system from Beauchique Cosmetics on Amazon and it's amazing. Its a 3d fibre lash mascara. It's filled the gaps with the fibre you use and looks completely natural. Much thicker and longer lashes again. Also I was fencing in the rain and at the end of the day there was no flaking or smudging which for me was amazing as I normally look like a panda within a couple of hours! If anyone else has this predicament I would highly recommend although watch out for cheap knockoffs.

It should be around £16

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  • That sounds good. Does it remove easily at bedtime?

  • Isn't that what pillow cases are for, Shaws? ;)

  • I've bought waterproof mascara. I use a special remover I still wake with 'panda' eyes. Obviously not 'special' enough.

  • They are hard to get off too! This after hours of fencing in the rain hadn't flaked or smudged, it's like a miracle! haha

  • Yes, removed with a face wipe :)

  • Thanks.

  • Thanks for that - really useful info. Have you found anything you would recommend for thinning hair or eyebrows?

  • check the thyroid profile including reverse t3.

    hypothyroidism causes thinning off the lateral eyebrows.

  • I was meaning like a cosmetic / beauty product(s). Already know I'm hypothyroid, lol!

  • No sadly not although flax and linseed are good for hair. I'll look into it there surely must be something. Glad to have found this mascara though as it's doing a good job of disguising it.

    I hate this hypothyroidism lark!

  • Yeah, me too! Just ordered the mascara from Amazon. All the reviews on there look really good too!

  • Did you like the mascara?

  • Yes, it's great. I now have thick and long lashes! Thanks for telling us about this product.

  • i am in the US..went on Amazon and their are so many brands, i don't know what to do. Didn't see Beachique, even typed it in the search bar.

  • This is a link.

    Hope it helps, let me know.


  • apparently they don't sell that brand in the US..thanks tho.

    I will use it temporarily. putting the hashi's into remission and getting inflammation down, should get them back to normal.

  • I just did a quick Google're right, no Beauchique being sold in the U.S., but check out Younique on Amazon. It looks like it might be a good match for Beauchique. Even the case looks similar, as well as the ingredients. Good enough for me - I'm trying it! :-)

  • thanks for letting me know. I will use it temporarily, while working on root causes.

  • try this.. its waterproof

  • Thanks :)

    Think I'm now a concert to Beauchique though. It's been a miracle! Thicker eyelashes,no smudging and easy to get off. My eyelashes are so sensitive now with this blasted hypo that they come out when removing waterproof mascara.

    Ill give it a go when hopefully have symptoms under control!

  • Thyroid meds usually won't help all of these problems. Its about having autoimmune disease and i am working to put mine into remission.

  • my eyelashes come out too. i stopped wearing all makeup years ago and don't leave the house much. i wish it was my only symptom..i could live with that.

  • Me too. They are part of a very long list. It's a horrid disease, nothing seems so function properly. I feel exhausted with it all as I'm sure we all do.

    I try to think of others worse off but sometimes it's not easy is it?!

  • I am very ill and have applied for disability recently. It doesn't help to think of others worse off. Actually, i have seen people with Cancer, go through Chemo and bone marrow transplants and get well, and i am still ill, they are now fine.

    I signed up for Dr. Isabella wentz's emails on functional medicine and am now working with a doctor, to help me put this disease into remission. been pretty much swollen and homebound since 2009..

  • Blimey poor you. It's disgraceful that more isn't done for us. You sound in a bad way I'm so sorry.

    I hope you get in to remission soon.

  • Will definitely try. Thanks!

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