Bad temper with underactive thyroid!

Hi everyone. Am I the only sufferer that has such a short fuse? I just cannot shake off the constant need to snap at everyone all the time. The doctors seem to want to put this down to "depression" and advice anti depressants which is a road I really don't think will solve anything except make them feel as if they have done their job. Any suggestions please?

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  • Going gluten free improved my temper and lengthened my fuse quite a bit. But I have to admit, my fuse still isn't as long as it was 20 years ago, and really needs to be longer than it is.

    Like you, I wouldn't take anti-depressants for this problem. SSRIs have never been proven to work better than placebo anyway.

    Sadly, I've become the stereotypical grumpy old woman. :(

  • Hi Diamond, I think it's a dopamine issue. It's in video #17 but he mentions dopamine in this short video as well.

  • This video talks about cortisol, cytokines and bg levels etc. No mention of dopamine that I heard unless I missed it.

  • This one goes into more detail. His #2 also talks about dopamine.

  • thanks Heloise

  • Sadly its an all too common sign of hypothyroid

    how my husband did not loose his job in the years before his. Hypothyroid was actually diagnosed and properly treated i will never know

    not sure how i managead to live with him through all those years either

  • How are your FT3 levels ? The brain has the most receptors for T3 than any other body part. Years ago - around the 50's I believe - T3 was used to treat depression and other issues. It is one of the reasons T3 fell from favour in the medical profession - as people lost weight on T3 and then abused it causing palpitations. As Dr Kendrick says - once a seed is sown it becomes a fact and is then difficult to change that train of thought ( or words to that effect ) .......

    Also check your B12 levels - they need to be around the TOP of the range :-)

  • Have you had your b12 levels checked recently? Before being diagnosed as b12 deficient I had s really short fuse. It was weird, I knew I was getting snappy for no reason but couldn't control it and didn't know why!

  • Hi Diamond, like SciFiGirl I think this looks like B12 deficiency - watch out with tests, if you have plenty of Folate / Folic acid in your diet (or supplement) this masks the deficiency in the blood test.

  • Any doctor worth hs salt would know that if you take any form of anti - depressants negate thyroxine in any form and so would not prescribe it. Trouble is the more people on anti depressants the more money they get! Stick to your guns and refuse to allow doctors to undermine you. After all they are not there to administer thyroxine every time you have to take it are they? Rely on how you feel and MAKE your doctor listen if he/she won't then change doctors, its your life not theirs.

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