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Hashi- can antibodies drop down into norm for no reason?

Hey guys,

I have been diagnosed with mildest begging of hashi. Antibodies triple the top norm, and mild changes in thyroid gland. After several months of everything my antibodies dropped down into the norm. Is it possible that I was missdiagnosed? Or is it normal for beginning of hashi?

My latest blood results:

Tsh 4.27. 0.27--4.2

Ft3 3.39. 2.0--4.4

Ft4 1.3 . 0.93--1.7

Atg 45.67 . 0.0--100.00

Atpo 29.78. 0.0--40.0

Iron 59. 37--145

Ttg 1.3. 0--10

B12 177.2. 243--894


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Madness07, antibodies subside in between flare ups so it is a temporary remission. After a flare up antibodies will be high.

Your TSH is over range so you should be diagnosed hypothyroid and prescribed Levothyroxine. FT4 and FT3 are currently good but that will be due to your elevated TSH.

B12 is deficient. Your GP should test for pernicious anaemia and prescribe B12 loading doses to restore B12 levels. I you are positive for PA you will need lifelong B12 injections every 2-3 months. B12 deficiency can cause permanent neurological damage if not treated.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


After all u said exactly same thing my endo did. The one who diagnosed me in my country, the one in uk are still clueless, however i found a decent one for now even in uk.

Last uk blood test showed 1.6 tsh and now polish is 4.27 with same norm as above. And they are separated by 3 weeks time, and few hours difference, second was in the morning before eating. I dont know whats the reason but its very confusing.

Thank u Clutter for ur always useful answers. Do u have any good diet book to recommend maybe?



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