Hi there just an update after my endocrinologist visit today. He was lovely and listened to every symptom I described and said I was under medicated with my tsh at 2.6 and he would send a treatment plan to my GP to keep increasing till optimal around 0.03. If I have not had significant health improvement at that level I am to return and he will introduce T3 to dose.

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  • Wow, that was good news. He sounds like donee you need t let Oouise at TUK know about for her list of sympathetic endocrinologists.

  • Fantastic!! An endocrinologist who knows what he's talking about!! Well done. Hopefully he will get you on track now and you will start to feel much better over the next few months. 😊😊

  • Is he married?

  • What a relief for you an Endocrinologist who is sympathetic.

  • I do feel so lucky and relieved. I cannot wait to get my life back 😁

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