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Hi everyone

Just a bit of an update I had my ultrasound scan and now I've had the follow up appointment at the hospital I have 2 nodules on my thyroid one considerably bigger than the other the doctor examined my neck and also wanted to look in my throat to see if the nodule was causing any sort of an obstruction

He told me it would be uncomfortable and may bring a tear to my eye and he wasn't kidding it hurt! he had a trainee with him and they both had a look and everything is okay

I now have another ultrasound scan booked for Tuesday next week so they can do a biopsy everyone was really nice at the hospital so that helped but I have a bit of a sore nose :)

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Cloudwalker, Did they put a camera down your throat? Not sure why your nose is sore :)


I'm so sorry I've completely missed a chunk of text out I'm so tired, they put a camera up my nose to look down my throat and they had trouble getting it in and had to try a couple of times, it really hurt :)


Cloudwalker, no worries, I was a bit baffled :-D Still am a bit, why couldn't they get you to swallow the camera? Mind you, that's pretty horrible too. I got very panicky when my throat was sprayed with local anaesthetic prior to swallowing the camera. Luckily, someone shot in the general anaesthetic so I was out before the camera was inserted.

Those procedures are unpleasant and take it out of one, so be nice to yourself and rest up.

The FNA biopsy isn't painful as you'll be given a local anaesthetic. It's a bit uncomfortable lying with your throat thrust upward but that's the worst of it although you'll be a bit sore and bruised for a day or two afterwards.


Three years ago I had a small cyst on my voicebox and I also had a camera put up my nose then down the throat. It just seems to be they way they do it now.


Thank you I was going to ask if the FNA biopsy was painful so that has put my mind at ease a bit

I wasn't expecting to have anything done at my appointment which was probably best for my nerves I'm glad they didn't use the method you had as I would have panicked too

I am surprised how unwell I feel since coming home from the appointment you're right it does take it out of you :)

Take care


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