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Can meds just stop working after a while

I know this sounds like an odd question, but seem to start on medication (be it synthetic or natural) and things go great for a few months, symptoms lessen, can lose weight with effort etc etc. Then after a while they reappear and can`t lose weight again.

Could it be the body just gets used to it? Currently on NDT since August and have felt great up until these last 2 weeks when things have reappeared again. Don`t know whether to try increasing by half a grain or whether to revert to T3/T4 combo. Recent blood tests all satisfactory I think:

TSH 0.83 (range 0.27). T4 15.6 (range 10-24) Doctor wont do T3.

Any advice please on whether to increase/change gratefully received, thanks

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Yes it can happen it did to me when I was on Levo, I asked the Doctor to up my medication several times and each time felt good for a while, then I would drop back down again when my body got use to it. I knew when I needed more, my body told me.

Now I am on my own, self medicating NDT, I can go up and down if I don't feel happy on my dose. :)

I look now look out for too much energy, too wide awake at night and heart palpitations, which means I am on too much NDT, the other way I look out for tiredness, brain fog and sluggishness among others.

I know we are all different, but if that was me on your blood readings I would be trying a little bit more NDT, my TSH is happy around 0.05 and my FT4 better at around 17/18, but that is only where I feel better. I believe they say get your FT4 in the top third or top quarter of the range.

Also taking HRT, iron and dairy on top of NDT can affect dosage, even the time of day can too Ticklec.


When clinical symptoms re-appear it can be a sign that an increase is needed. If you think you're near the top of medication, I'd just raise by 1/4 as that might be all that is required. It's also easier to drop down by 1/4 if you take bit too much.


Thank you for both taking the time to reply, i too am self medicating with NDT since August and have never felt better, everything just slipped into place, but these last 2 weeks things have crept back up.

May i ask how many grains you take coastwalker? Im currently on 3, did increase to 3 1/2 this morning (going to do a 3 and a quarter dose in the morning though thank you for suggesting that shaws!) do you think 3.5 seems high, i was on 125mcg t4 and 25mcg t3 before. I guess if it works its not high, just wonder where its going to end up some days!

Have had no hyper symptoms today but i know its early days, could come in a week or two the shakes etc 😳


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