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Armour thyroid

Hi all after a long hall i havw managed to get my consultsnt at fairfield to give me a trial on armour thyroid he is starting me off n 30mg for a period of six weeks but have to have blood test in three weeks and them back at fairfield in four weeks to see how there workin

.been on levothyroxine for over ten years and started gaining a lot of weight since 2012 after my daughter wad born at first i was bein told because i have no thyroid after havin a full thyroctomy that my weight gain was due to my hormones being all over the place due to.pregnancy and things would settle down needless to say we our now in 2015 an i am heavier than i have ever been sixteen stone after endless visits normal blood results to the royal hospital an explaoning i have weight gain hair loss amongst other symptoms to i decided to go private i was given liotjyronine along with levothyroxine but felt so sick so was took off them and my own gp would not prescribe armour even though my consultant at fairfield asked him to cos apparently its a black market drug so took levothyroxine for past few weeks due to pick my armour up friday starting on low dose of 30mg hopun side effects arnt to bad and i start loosing some weight its making me depressed but had other tests done to find out if anythin else can make me put weight on an theres nothin i excesise an do cobra twice a week an to me i eat quite healthy ...does anyone on here take armour how do they feel on them an our there foods you should avoid with thyroid issues ??? Ank advice would be much appreciated.

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Hi Nylarae

Armour is not a black market drug - how ridiculous of your doctor to describe it that way! - it's what we had before the pharmaceutical companies found a way to manufacture levothyroxine. It's made from pig thyroid and many feel it's a more natural and more complete form of thyroid replacement, being as it contains T3 and T4 and other thyroid hormones as well. It's manufactured to exacting standards and has been recalled far less frequently than Levothyroxine!

Can I just clarify - you have no thyroid? It was totally removed after thyroid cancer? I can't believe you've been out on such a low dose of thyroid hormone replacement if that's the case - you should be on far more than that.

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100mg levo i am on but wen i get my armour my consultant is starting me on 30 mg and am bk in four weeks so it may be increased tar for reply


Just ensure you don't take any meds for 24 hours before a blood test. It only measures whats in your blood not whether its working!


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