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Hi, Following my most recent post concerning my latest round of blood tests, I have upped my D3 and B12 intake.........easy to do without GP involvement!! But still plagued by somebody throwing the OFF switch, often for several days of weakness, lack of energy, fatigue and feeling cold. ( Temperature range consistently in the low 36 region) The switch on is as sudden as the OFF. I've also had a physical and ultrasound thyroid examination, neither indicating anything abnormal.

My question is are there any ways of upping my basic metabolism which I can do, if my GP carries on with her "it's probably a virus" stance?

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Reelingenius, selenium can improve thyroid function which may improve metabolism.


I am not a medical professional and this information is not intended to be a substitute for medical guidance from your own doctor. Please check with your personal physician before applying any of these suggestions.


Thanks I have started taking a 100 mg selenium tab daily, the packet says 1 or 2, what is an optimal dose?


I suggest that you have a look at my latest post - partly inspired by your question.

(PS: I hope you mean 100 micrograms - not 100 milligrams! :-) )


Hellvella, Thanks for that information, very interesting. By the way I transcribed the dosage wrong they are 100mcg. Which I assume is 0.01mg? So taking 2 of these falls within 0.035mg allowable maximum safe dose.

The trouble is every time I think I'm getting to grips with my issues and the possible improvements some supplements might bring, a fly settles on the ointment! I read a long dissertation about how our usual sources of dietary selenium where getting pretty depleted due, for several reasons, to a paucity of it in soil. So if I've got the maths correct will continue with my 1 a day and wait to see if my "switch" gets thrown again.


I do wish the NHS would use micrograms only and not decimal points!

100 micrograms = .1 milligram

0.01 milligram = 10 micrograms

0.035 milligram = 35 micrograms

What they actually have on their site is:

Taking 0.35mg or less a day of selenium supplements is unlikely to cause any harm.

That is:

0.35 milligram = 350 micrograms

So taking three of your 100 microgram tablets is "unlikely to cause harm". But, in my view, if you are taking a dose every day, I wouldn't exceed 200 micrograms a day in the long term.

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Yes got that thank you. I guess you have to be a little circumspect when taking supplements because you will be ingesting some selenium in your normal diet.


Spot on.

I think that we can assume most of are not on a zero-selenium diet. :-)

Yes - we are only topping up the difference between our basic diet and what we might optimally need.

Apparently, the typical selenium content of eggs has risen over recent years. Probably the feed - makes the chickens grow faster? Or it lets them produce more eggs for a given feed input?

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Yes, I just read that about eggs. Evidently it's in the yolks. I have chickens and rely on two eggs per morning for my breakfast (from a place that I can reach without getting messed up with chicken poop!). I'm a big Se fan, if I don't get my 2 Brazil nuts per day, I begin to feel it after two days.

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Many thanks for the comments, am now on 100mcg Selenium, plus ingesting and unknown amount from eggs etc.

Still feel "on the edge" of winding down though, the morning exercise with my 4 legged friend usually starts off ok and an hour later I feel exhausted. I still struggle keeping warm, whatever time of day I take it, my ear temp doesn't get above 36.5c. On rising it is often struggling to top 36c.

Should I up the dose or is there anything else I could try?


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