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Is it Worth Having Adrenal Tests?

Hi Everyone, I'm poised to do this. As it's more money, ;-( is it worth having this done? I'm convinced my adrenals must be pretty mediocre as I haven't had a good nights sleep since 1993, a lot of stress and trauma through my whole life . I always feel stressed I can't switch it off. I haven't been responding to treatment so I'm thinking adrenals. How do you order the test? I looked on Genova and you can't buy it online. Do I need a doctor to order this? Dr Skinner mentioned asking my GP to test, but they don't do they? When you get a report is it obvious if your function is poor? Will my GP take any notice of it?

In the meantime, what can I do to help myself? I only sleep from 3am to 7.30am, usually fall asleep around 8pm for an hour. I can't stop myself doing this, I mean I drop off sitting up! I sleep at the cinema, in the car (even a couple of times when driving) and last week at a very mellow folk gig, (small, seated audience, very embarrassing) Why can't I sleep at night at home in bed? I feel like I live on adrenaline at all times, I even wake up sweaty and stressed.

The days I have managed to get out and had exercise have no bearing on my sleep. Usually infact it's worse because my feet burn and hurt more, and my restless legs are even more jumpy.

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Hi Helcaster, I can't answer all of your questions because I don't have recent experience of the NHS but I can tell you that yes, it is worth it!

What can you do to help yourself? Do you take vitamin C? If so, up the dose! Make sure you get enough salt. Oh, and get more fat in your diet! lol Fat does not make you fat and it doesn't increase your cholesterol, but the adrenals do need it to make the hormones.

Hope this helps, Grey x


Hi Grey, I don't take Vit C but I should as I can't eat fruit, too painful for my bladder. Definitely going to add this in now.

Thanks so much for the advice. X '


yes it's worth it to get the whole picture :) My nutritionist ordered the test for me and they sent the results to her and it comes as a graph and a clear report. I don't know if you can get this test on the NHS.

Have you tried Reiki? This has helped my stress levels a lot, I was lucky to find a fantastic practitioner and whilst the symptoms are still there I have been able to deal with more things, one by one since.

Danielle :)


Hi Danielle, Thank you for reassuring me. The last thing I want is to pay for the test, then not understand the report!

I haven't tried Reiki, I'm very wary of any contact as I had a massage a few years back that left me crippled for days. I have widespread arthritis incl my spine. I think Reiki is gentle though? There is a practioner in the village where I live, I'll have a chat with her. X


sorry to jump on your thread Helcaster but if you decide to get the tests privately how do you go about getting your blood drawn??


I think this test involves spitting into tubes at various times of the day? Someone help me out please!


Hi Helcaster, I have just ordered the Genove spittle test for adrenals, if you mention thyroid uk you get a little bit off, they were £71. It has arrived and I just need to read it all, it looks a bit fiddly, with freezing it etc, so want to make sure I do it properly.

I have found that upping my B12 and epsom salts have really helped with my sleeping. I sleep so well these days I have to pinch myself!!!!


Hi Tingles, please can you explain about how the Epsom Salts help?



Hi Tingles, ok, glad you've taken that step. I just can't follow instructions too well at present. Please let me know how you get on.

I would love to sleep at night! I've upped my B12 a few weeks ago to 1000mcg. I am so resistant though, even sedation and pre meds don't work with me. I take Hydroxyzine with my evening meds, this is an anti anxity drug sometimes used for pre meds , i use it to help my bladder pain, it doesn't make me sleepy :-((

What do you do with the epsom salts? XX


Hi Mather's, I don't have experience of this myself, but some people on the forum have asked the nurse at the GP practice. Sometimes it's been free other times a small charge. Also I've read of going to the phlebotomy dept at your local hospital. Some of the private labs can put you in touch with private hospitals that will do it, or get a phlebotomist come to your home. Obviously this will involve a charge.


How would you get it done though the actual taking of the blood for a private test - do you approach your GP??


Hi Mathers

Check out the Blue Horizon, Genova & Noviche info on our website:




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