MercuryPharma Liothyronine / Tertroxin Costs

Do you know how much Amdipharm/MercuryPharma charge for their 20 microgram Liothyronine tablets in countries other than the UK?

The reason I am asking is that if we wish to make a case about T3 it would be useful to know if, for example, MP are selling in other countries (South Africa?, Australia?) at much lower prices.

Obviously we are unlikely ever to find the true price, but if you know the retail price, the "what the healthcare system pays" price, or any other good indicator, would you please let me know by Private Message?

It appears that MercuryPharma still supply some countries where it is sold as Tertroxin. Hence I am including that product name.

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  • In the majority of countries L-T3 is supplied as 25 mcg tablets which makes life a little more difficult as our doctors will prescribe 20 mcg. In the long term it would probably help if we switched to 25 mcg in the future as it would be easier for other companies to break into our market.

    I will PM you re the cost of Cynomel.

  • However one of our closest neighbours (Germany) also has 20 microgram tablets as Sanofi Deutschland (Henning) Thybon 20.

  • Thybon is liothyronine hydrochlorid. The Uk one is sodium liothyronine. Will a doctor prescribe the Thybon is it isn't the same chemical name?

  • Hi, I have got a packet of Uni- Pharma T3 liothyronine sodium 30 tablets 25 ug and the price is printed on the packet 1,16 euro -

  • I have some Uni-Pharma T3 (25mcgx30) as well, and it cost 1euro 10 cents.

    I also bought some Tiromel recently, and it cost me £3.99 per 100x25mcg.

    The price I was quoted at a UK chemist recently was approximately 100 times more expensive!!!!

    Could this happen for anything but the T3 that so many of us need in order to thrive and survive?

  • Tablets, scored, liothyronine sodium 20 micrograms, net price 28-tab pack = £152.18

  • PM sent with Ozzy costs

  • the price of liothyronine 20mcg ( the only product available on NHS if you can get it prescribed )will be in the drug tariff which is supplied to all pharmacies on a regular basis, ask your local pharmacist also in nhs statistics. tertroxin was the original name of liothyronine made by Glaxo in 60.s etc. Eltroxin was the original name for t4 ,

    It seems that the name of the product was sold without the quality of manufacture following

  • I bought 100 x 25mcg T3 for E3 in France; 100 x 100mcg for £42 in Germany.

  • Hi Penny, did you buy those across the counter in a pharmacy in France and Germany or were they prescribed please. I am desperate to find a supplier who can supply on a regular basis, which is affordable and is reliable. I had a thyroidectomy and have been prescribed 3 x T3 20mcg per day for three years (in the UK) and they abruptly stopped it last week and offered me 25mcg Levothyroxine! A day!! If you have any information about where to buy I would be really grateful if you could pm me. Thanks. Susi

  • We always encourage people to write NEW posts when asking about sources.

  • I do not remember ever seeing someone claim they had bought liothyronine over the counter in Germany. And only sometimes in France.

    Affordable and reliable is easy enough. If you have a prescription.

  • Mercury Pharma are one of the most corrupt of the big Pharmas. They put the price up x100 overnight just for the NHS.

    Same company that make bad batches of T4. I think they must have friends in this government to get away with putting the price up so much. There is no justifiable reason other than pure greed and the opportunity to make money out of people's ill health.

    I don't know about the T3 but the 4's made in dodgy Asian back street factories so forget any real quality control.

    It's amazing the number of times MP comes up on this forum in one negative way or another.....

    Rant over.

  • The Patient Information Leaflet for Mercury Pharma levothyroxine says:


    Custom Pharmaceuticals Ltd., Tecore House, Conway Street,

    Hove, East Sussex, BN3 3LW, UK

    This leaflet was last revised in April 2014.

    If you have evidence, or even simply believe, that this is NOT the case, please make a complaint - to the MHRA, to AmdiPharm/Mercury Pharma, to any other body that might be able to act.

  • Oh I can assure you I have reported to the MHRA....yellow carded. And to my GP and to MP themselves who reacted in a very suspicious way...contacting my GP asking for my medical records. I ended up receiving 4 phone calls from MP...all from India. I refused to talk to them beyond reporting and my GP was instructed to not share info as it had nothing to do with them producing a bad batch of meds. You only have to search on here re bad T4......

    It's gets much more sinister but at this point I'm keeping it to myself. I'd love to see them in court as I still have some of the bad meds available for independent testing......

  • I am well aware that MP have a significant India-based operation and that contact might be with staff located there.

    I don't like MP levothyroxine - or at least didn't last time I tried it. However some seem to prefer it to, say, Actavis product.

    But I still have seen NO evidence that their levothyroxine tablets are made anywhere but the UK. (Custom Pharmaceuticals have several locations in the UK and I don't know which of those might be used.)

  • Well I'm talking pre April 2014 when their patient Leaflet was revised. You need to ask why it was revised! Before then I understand the T4 was being made in India at 2 different locations. Like I said if they want to challenge me I'll gladly see them in court! Why was Eltroxin taken off the market when so many did OK on it? Why did over 500 people in New Zealand get very ill on it.....It goes on and on and we're the ones that suffer why big Pharma gets fatter at our expense.

    Apart from all of the above its still corrupt putting the price up 100 fold. How can that be justified...?

  • The declared reasons for updating the PIL for 50 and 100 microgram MercuryPharma levothyroxine are:

    When a pharmaceutical company changes an SPC or PIL, a new version is published on the eMC. For each version, we show the dates it was published on the eMC and the reasons for change.

    Updated on 16-Jul-2014 and displayed until Current

    Reasons for adding or updating:

    Change to section 6 - marketing authorisation holder

    Change to section 6 - date of revision

    Updated on 25-Jun-2014 and displayed until 16-Jul-2014

    Reasons for adding or updating:

    Change to section 1 - what the product is used for

    Change to section 2 - interactions with other medicines, food or drink

    Change to section 3 - use in children/adolescents

    Change to section 3 - overdose, missed or forgotten doses

    Change to section 4 - possible side effects

    Change to section 4 - how to report a side effect

    Change to section 6 - date of revision

    Updated on 13-Jun-2014 and displayed until 25-Jun-2014

    Reasons for adding or updating:

    Change to section 1 - what the product is used for

    Change to section 2 - what you need to know - contraindications

    Change to section 2 - what you need to know - warnings and precautions

    Change to section 2 - use in children/adolescents

    Change to section 2 - interactions with other medicines, food or drink

    Change to section 3 - dose and frequency

    Change to section 3 - how to take/use

    Change to section 3 - duration of treatment

    Change to section 3 - overdose, missed or forgotten doses

    Change to section 4 - possible side effects

    Change to section 6 - what the product contains

    Change to section 6 - date of revision

    Updated on 09-Apr-2014 and displayed until 13-Jun-2014

    Reasons for adding or updating:

    Change to section 6 - marketing authorisation holder

    I have absolutely NO evidence that MercuryPharma levothyroxine is now or ever has been made in India. Or indeed, anywhere but the UK.

    There were issues about Wockhardt levothyroxine and the factories that Wockhardt products are or were made in.

    I don't know why Eltroxin levothyroxine tablets disappeared from the market. I have wondered if it is precisely the same reason as we think the change from "Tertroxin" to "Liothyronine" - it potentially allows avoidance of price controls. If not now, maybe in the future.

    The major New Zealand issue was due to Eltroxin supplied by GSK and/or Aspen. GSK sold off those world-wide rights to Eltroxin that they actually owned to Aspen and moved production to Germany. It was this product that was problematical in New Zealand. It is made in different factories, by different companies to different formulations.

    The involvement of MercuryPharma in New Zealand came when they were allowed to supply NZ with their product. This resulted in the confusing situation of at least two different products called Eltroxin being on the market in one country at the same time.

    If you are referring to the price hike of MercuryPharma Liothyronine, I think you'lll find it was something like £12 per pack of 28 tablets each 20 micograms around ten or so years ago. It is now over £150. A deeply worrying issue and highly questionable. But I cannot make that more than about a 15-fold increase.

    We suffer. Pharmaceutical companies make profits. Not good at all. But it is important to have and to show evidence.

  • You want evidence talk to my GP about how ill I became after 18 days of MP levo....

    Oh, I'm sorry....just a 15 fold increase then.......

  • Just been and got some .Says original cost$83.90. PBS $6.10 I am in Australia.

    Hope this helps you.

  • Forgot to mention that was for 100 20 mg tablets.

  • Just bought tertroxin x30 tablets in South Africa for R27.....which equals £1 and 67 pence

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