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My results

I've gotten my results but don't understand them I am dyslexic so have taken a photograph of them rather than copy them incorrectly on here. Could someone email me from HQ please and I'll send them a picture of the results as my GP has put 'No further action needed.'

Someone wrote to me from Thyroid UK before asking me to send my results to them but I have lost that email. Sorry.

Kind regards


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Cannylass, you can up-load your own photo onto your post. Or start a new post if it's easier. If a new post, scroll down and just Under the box where you type your pos, it's written 'add photo'. Just click on that and you can upload your photo. Much quicker that way! :)


Thank you I want to keep my photo of results private as it has all my personal details on it too as it's a GP printout.

Thanks for the tip though. :o)




You can cover your name etc..... I have seen that done by others.


Get a piece of paper, cut it out to the appropriate size and shape, then cover all your personal details. Then take a photo of it. Check the photo to see if any personal details show through. Repeat the process until you are happy that people can't see anything private.

You may also want to try cropping the photo if you can use MS Paint or some other photo editing software. Cropping the photo can be useful because it maximises the area of the photo with results in while not wasting space on things you don't want people to see anyway.

A common problem is that people upload photos with results that are simply too small to read.


I have now found the email with the person from Thyroid UK and am in discussions via email with her at the moment but thanks for the advice though.



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