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hoarse voice

Hi all, looking for some more advice and I must say I do appreciate all the help and advice I have been given so far. First as my B12 was low 240 I have been supplementing with jarrows 1000, which seems to have done the trick as it is now 740. My question is if I had a Intrinsic blood test for perncious anemia, would it show up as I have been supplementing. Next I have been suffering with a hoarse voice on and off for a couple of months, my GP sent me to a specialist who put a camera up my nose into the throat, he said everything was fine. So I was wondering if thyroid problems with the voice would have shown up under this examination. He was an ENT specialist. Thanks

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Hi ann22

I have been having horrid symptoms of hyperthyroidism I am waiting for my appointment with the endo in Dec,,,like you I have a hoarse voice on and off for over a year also I sometimes have pain on swallowing when I get these symptoms I have server sweats shaking/tremors/hyper feelings..I am sure I am attacking my own thyroid,,,my last app with the endo she diagnosed me with thirositis..but my docs av just left me with no help meds or anything all because my bloods returned to what they call normal levels..I have been like this for over a year now!!!..the endo said I should be having three monthly blood checks but I have to fight to get doc thinks their is no need as my last two came bk normal range..but I have read up on would not normally show abnormalities in you're blood,,until your antibodys start attacking your thyroid or so iv you must have regular blood tests to catch a episode..but my docs don't recognise this..I have all the symptoms but not much help..also my endo will prob say ''I diagnosed you with thirositis so go bk to doc'' if I were you I would inform my doc about your voice..hopefully your docs better than mine

Good look hope you get sorted



Are you still off Levo? Being hypo gave me a hoarse voice and slurred speech which Levo cured.


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