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Hypo and now pneumonia

Pneumonia struck me out of the blue last Monday night, no warnings signs at all and I had to be ambulanced to hospital. The pain was horrendous.

My questions are should I request a pneumonia jab and/or flu jab?

The hospital phoned to say that I also have a nodule on the other lung which they want to monitor, which I thought was amazing service.

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I know nothing about health but I wondered if you've had pneumonia whether or not you'd be immune now. I think there might be different strains. I myself don't have 'flu jabs and have never had 'flu so far.


Hi there, I had similar thing hospital for a week etc no nodules tho.

My advice would be to ask for the pneumonia jab,I did and the answer was yes of course.i was told it gives protection from about 20 strains of pneumonia but that there are dozens of various types but it protects from the most common ones.

Takes a while to build up from afterwards normally,so try to take things a little slower than normal for a while!

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Meant time to build up from the pneumonia, not the jab lol


I have had pneumonia many (lost count ) times. I wasn't given the pnumovax because it was assumed I had made antibodies (I hadn't )The flu jab has never made a difference but I finally had the pneumonia jab last year. I have had chest infection since but not pnu. I have a weak immune system but have improved it by diet .

If I were you I would request the pnumovax.

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