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Hemithyroidectomy and now hypo symptoms?

I had a huge nodule and hemithyroidectomy removed mid December. Since the op I've started suffering insomnia, feeling really achy and feeling the cold a lot more - my husband has remarked a few times how hot the house is when I'm wrapped in a hundred jumpers! I'm also drinking a lot of milk! Will the symptoms settle down or should I just head to my gp for a blood test?

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I had a hemithyroidectomy, followed by a TT, at the end of 2011. Hypothyroid was one of the risks that my sugeon told me about before I agreed to the operation. I should imagine you should be having a post op appointment with your surgeon and I would discuss all that you are feeling with him/her. They can then advise you of the next step or refer you on to get you the help that you need.

If you have already had your post op appointment then ask your GP for a blood test.

Good luck


No experience, but I would NOT leave this - go and at the very least get tested. Sounds like you are hypothyroid, unfortunately.


Doesn't sound right. The other half should be producing enough hormone. Phone the doc in the morning and get this checked out. Your results may also be in, you could ask your gp to check. X


Hi I had a thyroidectomy nearly two years ago, had lots of nodules, still struggling with insomnia and Im on 100 thyroxine one day and 125 the next, think I need more thyroxine , gp says my levels are correct.

Hope everything works out for you



Hi, I had my hemithyroidectomy on Wed, and am also having trouble with sleep. My insomnia started in Oct or Nov, but I hoped it would improve post op. Even Wed night after my op I was awake until 3.30am, and only got to sleep after a dose of Co-codamol. I also have a very tense feeling in the back of my head/neck which makes it difficult to relax, and this started at the same time as insomnia. (which also coincided with my thyroid swelling into a large double lump on one side). Do you have this symptom? I haven't yet had any results, and would be interested to hear how you get on.

I hope that your symptoms improve soon,

Nicky :-)


Thanks all, nickym1, my neck muscles and all tissue were very stiff sore and swollen for the first 10 days but then eased off - I had my hubby massage my boulders and I stretched as much as I could bear. I do feel like thyroid that is left is more swollen, I guess it's working harder! I can't get to the gp until later is week so it will be a little while before I get answers, but I am suspicious that I'm hypothyroid now.


Massage my boulders, lol! Nope, my shoulders!! Also, the general anaesthetic takes about a week to leave your system, so see how you go after that.


Lol, boulders, that made me chuckle.....

I guess it's still very early days, I'll see how I go.

Hope you get some answers from your GP - best of luck



He he, thanks for the giggle - lucky you and/or lucky him!

I had a partial thyroidectomy 2 years ago (half out too - dunno the difference sorry)

Surgeon said the other half would compensate like one kidney does. Well I'm still here with lots of untreated Hypo symptoms but a bit better after supplementing with Vit D.

I think I had another blood test at 6 weeks - ask for tests for FT4 FT3 and TPO antibodies (which they said would be high anyway after an op) and vitamins, minerals irons folate ferratin B12 and Vit D tend to be low too, calcium test too if you can. Jane :D x


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