Phew. Doc asked for review, but think I have been so lucky. All is well

My last post mentioned I was feeling so much better on t3. A real improvement in quality of life. Not perfect but amazed that the tiny 20mg pill could make such a difference. I became so worried when told I had to have a review. Mean spirited receptionist said it wasn't up to endo as GP writes the script! I had been told several time how expensive t3 is and they may as well added I wasn't worth it. But tonight i just spoke to the nicest GP I have spoken to in years. Just wanted to make sure I was ok. He has upped my t4 as was a little low, and not once did he mention TSH!! I think I have found a forward thinking GP.

I now have a longer term prescription of both tablets and feel so lucky I may just do the lottery. 💜. Good Health everyone x

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  • Muriel1234, Glad it worked out well, and you should do the lottery if you think you might be on a roll :-D

  • Good health to you too. Definitely worth giving the lottery a go on the strength of that result 😉

  • Doing the lottery tonight and sat. Fingers crossed. Lol.

  • That's great news and you will feel very relieved indeed.

  • I feel so much better, almost part of the treatment. Ii realise how pent up I was. Ready to get all my evidence out and get up on my hind legs ... Nice not to have to prove myself, for once!

  • Very relieved. Thanks again clutter your info played a part. This doc is a locum. Hope he hangs about for a while! But at least I have a repeat prescription now. X

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