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T4 & T3 or NDT

Hi, have been taking T4 only Levo for the past 2.5 years and although initially felt better with some of my symptoms still do not feel right and cannot shift the weight I have put on.

My question is if I am taking 100 Levo can I supplement with T3 and if so what is the recommended amount?

I am getting nowhere with Endo where I am trying to get them to look outside of prescribing Levo only, so I am now looking at taking into my own hands and supplementing myself.

Additionally, would anyone recommend NDT instead and if so what sort of dosage?

I cannot get T3 or NDT where I am so would appreciate private message advising of reputable place to order.

Thanks :)

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Bristol1965, If you post your recent thyroid results with ranges (figures in brackets after results) members will advise on dosing.

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You CAN supplement with T3 (e.g. Cytomel), but like clutter says, post your numbers first - just to make sure you are not already generating some maximum of T3 yourself (i.e. you may be a "super converter" of T4 to T3 - and then you wouldn't need it). I personally would go for NDT after my own experience with Armour Thyroid. My reasoning for this is that you don't have to work out the ratios (although Armour gives you slightly more T3 than you would generate yourself with a perfect thyroid). And an NDT not only gives you T4 and T3, you also get T2 and T1, one of those is something to do with the immune system - T2 I think. If you are in the UK there is <a pharmacy> in Redwood City, California which will sell Armour to anyone outside of the US (I am in the US, so I cannot do this - but then, for the time being, I am getting Armour from my doc. - if she ever changes her mind for some stupid reason, I will be in your position, but worse).

Another reason why your symptoms might have changed is that there are different brands of Levo. My first generic was perfectly OK, but then their patent ran out and the second generic almost killed me over a period of 2 1/2 years. Changing to Armour for me was little short of a miracle - honest, in half an hour all of the Levo sickness of 2 1/2 years disappeared.


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