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Muscle tension

Hi All,

Hypo on 125mcg Levo. Due a retest. Don't tolerate addition of T3, as it makes me jittery.

Was wondering if anyone else suffers with or has any knowledge about muscle tension please. I suffer really badly with muscle type tension headache, which is there all the time. It's getting progressively harder to live with, it feels like being drunk with dizzyness and muzzyness. Complicated by a bout of labrynthitis about 6 months ago. The ENT specialist has prescribed amytryptiline! I feel like 'here we go again'. I have tried this before a few years ago for a week, but it made me quite shaky! It's quite upsetting, I feel very anxious!

Any thoughts/ suggestions would be very welcome!

Thank you


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SandraW, I used to clench and grind my teeth at night which caused neck and head tension. Dentist made me a lower mouth gum shield to be used at night and the tension resolved. Saved me a small fortune as I was seeing a cranial osteopath up to 3 x week for massage to relieve the muscle tension.

Post your thyroid results and ranges in a new question and members will advise whether you are optimally medicated.

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When the T3 was added was the levothyroxine reduced?


Hi, yes went down from 125mcg to 75mcg with 15 of Lio. Actually have some NDT in the house bit too scared to give it a go. Thank you.


Haa, well, I fear I'm on a bit of a roll and going to get boring but ... having read up on magnesium, searching for info from medical people rather than nutrition enthusiasts and those who profit from supplements, I found that if our levels of magnesium are too low we suffer from muscle tightness and other symptoms much the same as being hypothyroid and those you are describing.

As a yoga teacher I was surprised at finding myself, on waking at night, with my muscles kind of shortening, and tight, I'd have to deliberately go round my body relaxing again. When I sit and relax the muscles do the same and I have to keep actively relaxing them. I also have headaches.

Unfortunately I didn't store what I read anywhere but if I remember correctly dizziness, anxiety, fatigue and muzzy head were also consequences of low magnesium.

Do you think this could be contributing to what you are suffering?


Hi SandraW,

I'm not an expert and don't know much about anything but I have Magnesium injections as part of my ME treatments. I notice that eases my muscle tension. I can tell when I'm due another by how 'tense' my muscles feel, especially around my neck and jaw. Magnesium is involved in muscle function. Might be worth reading up on to see if supplements could help a little??

Best wishes.

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This might be helpful to:-

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Quite a high dose of levo, still hypoT, sounds like you are magnesium deficient, might you be needing a high dose of levo because you have absorbtion probs?

Have all the usual suspects been excluded by your docs?

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Thank you all for your comments. Lots to think about, off to the docs then for retest and discuss magnesium...

Interestingly, the guy in the health food shop recommended magnesium to be taken along side Vit D... so I do have some but probably not taking the quantities needed.

Thanks all. Very kind.


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