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not feeling great

hi all

I was diagnosed in June and have been feeling ok however, last week or so I'm so tired, I still have weaknesses/numbness in my arms and legs. My legs feel like jelly a lot of the time and have been experiencing violent head aches I was just wondering if anyone has had these experiences. I'm on 50 of levo and was prescribed to take Pregablin for my numbness but have now run out so I think a doctors appointment is needed tomorrow.

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ClairLizzie, weakness and numbness in limbs can be due to low B12 and folate, and possibly low ferritin and vitamin D. Ask your GP to test.

Post your results and ranges in a new question and members will advise whether to supplement.


Had all of these symptoms at the start, once your treatment is sorted it goes.


As Clutter says, weakness and numbness can be due to low B12, do get a blood test to check on that. It often seems to accompany thyroid problems. Mine did, and took me a long time feeling ill before it was diagnosed. Good luck with getting things sorted. MariLiz


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