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Has anyone else had problems getting hold of Hexopal (Inositol Nicotinate)? I had been taking it for about

15 years with great success. The pharmacy has told me there are `manufacturing problems`. I`m worried that it may have been discontinued.

My GP has prescribed Praxilene (Naftidrofuryl Oxolate), but, almost immediately, all the old symptoms

have returned.

I can`t take Nifedipine as one of the side effects is constipation, and, as I`m already taking Amitriptyline for nerve pain (and constipation is a big side effect of that), I don`t want to risk taking medication which will

make that worse.

Just wondering if anyone knew what was happening with Hexopal as, for me, this (even at a low dose) was

a wonder drug!

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It appears also to be sold as a supplement called No Flush Niacin. (Be careful, I suspect that some no-flush niacin products may use different active ingredients. Or could have other things as well.)

As such, it is available as a supplement, like:


There are other sources, including some in the UK, but I have not searched hard and none of those I found do I have experience of.

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Awwww - thank you so much for this; I really appreciate it! I`ll definitely look into it.


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