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Hi guys. I'm new to this so bear with me. Today i was told that I have a thyroid level of 7.8. This was the result of my first blood test. I was told that i have to have further blood tests in about 6 weeks time. I was just wondering what's the likliehood that I'll have the disease with a level of 7.8 on my first exam. Also, how will it effect my life? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum, S_hauncon.

Your GP is following protocols to rule out a virus or other non-thyroidal illness causing raised TSH. Arrange an early morning, fasting (water only) blood draw for your 2nd test as TSH is highest early and drops post-prandially.

If your second blood test is abnormal you will be given a hypothyroid diagnosis and prescribed Levothyroxine. Hypothyroidism is a lifelong condition requiring daily thyroid hormone replacement. It will take a few months until you are optimally dosed and you can expect relief of symptoms but you will feel improvement as the hormone is absorbed and metabolised.

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Thank you :)

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Hi s., what Clutter says is correct and once your thyroid starts to fail, it's often thought to be an incurable condition. That is the conventional medicine's view and the NHS seems to stick to that, however, alternative healers feel a bit more optimistic. This doctor feels that finding the underlying cause and treating that may stop the thyroid problem. If your TSH goes up again over 7.8 it will look like a progression of the disease. There are also things you can do to improve your outcome.


Thank you


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