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Got my medical notes and not pretty

Been ill for lot longer than I thought but I cos my memory is so bad I don't knw whats true and what's not. As far back as 2006 it tells me I had sublicincal hypothyrodism then full blown hypothyrodism.

TSH has been between 3 and 9ish over the years til last year where it hit 23. T4 usually at around 17 until last year sometime where it hit 12. Man it weird reading all this is tough. Also reading back from when I was a kid I had sppech therapy and thought I one point if epileptic.

Apparently I was on thyroxine a few years ago but stopped taking it. Now If i knew excatly what I was taking and more informed of why then wouldn't of stopped take.... Vitamin D was 10 on 29th July 2010.

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Your medical notes sound similar to mine. I got my med notes last December from the local hospital (though I think there are some things missing) I only got from 2011 and my TSH has been increasing at every blood test. I can now tick almost all of the symptoms for hypothyroid off of the thyroiduk list and still Drs refuse to admit that I have a problem with my thyroid. this week I has an endoscopy to check my throat issues and I was asked if my GP has ever referred me to endo. When I said it was suggested to my GP by Rheumatology that he referred me to endo but he told me it wasnt worth it as my TSH hadnt reached 10 she said she will send a letter to him requesting it again. So here we go again with the battle to get diagnosed. My vit d was 21 last blood test and GP told me to sit in the sun! Meds I take tell me not to! fighting a losing battle. Joolz.x


i work in a hospital and normally notes that are missing would have been removed if they are thought to cause distress to the patient concerned. this would be if some-one maybe was involved in a road traffic accident for example.


Hypo, why not return to a doctor and start up again with thyroid hormone? You obviously are experiencing some symptoms. Your brain is affected and neurotransmitters don't work well while your body is trying to function with little hormone to work with. Your muscles may be paying a price as well. You should try to raise your level of vitamin D as it has many benefits and helps with infections and even cancer. Try to get your tests and post your results here.


I'm on thryoxine 100mcg. Have been on thyroxine for last year and I'm 50,000 once a month of vitamin D because reumotologist said it was low at 38.


Most people take at least 100 mcg. but many take even more. If your TSH is 23, it means your pituitary is trying to get more hormone from somewhere so an increase is probably in order. Do you know the range for your T4. Is 17 low, medium, or high? If it is considered high, you may have iron or cortisol insufficiency. You also need B12 and folate.

Your thyroxine needs support to metabolize into FT3 to rid your symptoms. Two important factors are iron and cortisol. They are listed in the link I put in my first response.

If your doctor is not attempting to be helpful, many hypos order their own T4 or NDT rather than have their health fail. Perhaps you need to see an Endo although from what I read, they also can be less than helpful.

The vitamin D may help. I hope it is D3 but you might also take smaller units in between. High doses are often given weekly, I've never heard of just a monthly dose but that is only because of what I read on this site.

Hypo, it is difficult when your brain feels sluggish but this is probably an effect from low thyroid.


T4 range is 12-24

T3 Range is 3-6.8


It seems you could do with an increase since your T4 at 17 should be more like 20 with those ranges and if you can get your FT3 over 5 perhaps you would feel normal.


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