How long does it take to get Short Synacthen Test results back from nhs?

So my endocrinologist ordered this test for me and I had it done the other day but the nurses had no idea how long it takes to get the results. How long did it take most people to get their results back after they had the test? Also what were your results? I'm presuming that if your results are bad then they'll contact you faster?


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  • Got mine immediately, mainly because doctors don't believe that adrenal fatigue exists! You go from having a perfectly usable adrenal system to failure in one fell swoop!

  • I had mine done on Tuesday and I haven't received anything yet, did they send you a letter or ring up? I hate waiting for results!

  • The doctor told me the results there and then. He made me wait from 9 am to 1 pm for the test and he said that they NEVER came out that there was a problem. I pointed out there was a huge difference between adrenal FATIGUE and adrenal FAILURE but he said there was no such thing as adrenal fatigue, at this point I switched off and left asap.

  • thats a pain :/ Was this on the NHS? I've never heard of them doing a test so quickly before!

  • I didn't wait for or ask for the results after that.

  • Got mine done 2 1/2 wks ago and no news yet!!

  • I'm expecting the same thing off my doctors, I'll probably have to spend ages ringing everyone up trying to track my results down :/

  • I'm glad to see we all receive the same consistent service!!!!!(bad;)

  • Most results come back as normal, strange this when a 24 hour saliva adrenal test shows different, it would be interesting to hear your result?!

  • I think I'm going to have to presume that my results are "normal" soon as you'd think its a pretty serious thing if your cortisol is low so they should get back to me quickly if the results are bad, at least you'd hope so anyway! Yes I've had low results on a saliva test before but they didn't care then either :/

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