Science and herbal doctor qualified at university in Edinburgh suggests taking seaweed with auto immune hypothyroidism

I am sick to death of feeling like a wacko and on edge and irritable and fatigued and exhausted! I want off these horrible lousy pathetic synthetic medications. Tried all types of thyroxine I have lost 5 stone in weight in 2 years.

I have been diagnosed since may! I have autoimmune hypothyroidism. So a qualified herbal medical doctor has suggested that if You like it a lot then the body likes it and needs it! If you listen to what your body needs to help heal it's self the better your recovery will be. She also studied biochemistry.

She suggested that if you take very small quantities of seaweed with your t3 medications then you might find you feel so much better and reduce your medications! Don't take way too much otherwise it burns the stomach! Your autoimmune disease will flare anyway regardless however you might feel a lot better.

So your thoughts on this people I am taking 85mg of liothyronine.

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  • Seaweed provides iodine and it is very contentious as to whether that is or is not helpful for hypothyroidism. I think you should research the subject before trying.

  • So.much bollocks I don't know what to believe

  • Agree with that.One writer in STTM2 thought it was ok if hyper.

  • This is one such report re Iodine as a supplement for hypothyroidism.

  • One basic first thought would be to consider - is your diet short of iodine? If you are already drinking plenty of milk and eating lots of fish then you may not need any.

    If you never touch dairy or fish and it hasn't been in any supplements you take - then it is worth looking at, I think, though there is a lot of reading to do on the subject.

  • Difficult. Most seaweeds don't contain much iodine (except kelp and kombu) but do contain a lot of minerals. It depends on the sea they grew in. But you don't want anything contaminated with radioactivity (so that's Japanese and North Pacific seaweed out - Fukushima)

  • I'm looking to get fresh dulce from the Scottish coastlines

  • With the weight loss, symptoms and high liothyrone intake are you sure your symptoms are not due to taking too much hormone?

    Your body needs iodine to make thyroid hormone, but if you are taking any form of thyroid hormone the iodine is already in the hormone tablets so your iodine requirement is almost zero.

  • My tsh is 0.01 and t3 is 5.4 normal range 5 to 6.9. T4 is 1.1 normal range 9 to 21. On 85 mg of liothyronine was on 90 mg and became hyperthyroid!

  • Something wrong with those ranges - please double-check.

  • Sorry my t3 is 5.4 normal range 5 to 6.9

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