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Wanting advice on swapping ndts?????

Hi all I've a 17 year history of uat and hashimotos. I was on 800mcgs of levo until June when I switched to westhroid on a self medicated basis. In a lot of ways it's been amazing but I'm not convinced westhroid is the best I could get. For example I haven't managed to shift even an ounce in weight in the 4 months on it, my hair is still falling out, still cold, my brain for has lifted and I'm not napping but from other people's experiences I expect more and as it's time to reorder I want to switch... But what too?????? Please help. Ive had a radical hysterectomy and I'm on bio identical progesterone if that influences people's suggestions.

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How much westhroid have you been taking? It sounds as if your T3 is low. Have you had FT4 and FT3 tested to see if you're converting? If you can't convert T4 to T3, no brand of NDT is going to suit you, because they all contain T4 and very little T3. Maybe you'd be better off on t3 only. It would help people advise you if you posted your test results. :)


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